This New Jersey Farm Is Using Cloth And LED Lighting To Grow The Freshest Veggies

You may have heard of corn that will be knee-high by the fourth of July, but this New Jersey farm has greater expectations. AeroFarms, located in Newark, New Jersey, is in the process of redefining agriculture.

The basis of AeroFarms is to bring fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables to cities that might not have the agricultural means for traditional farming. These farms tower over 30 feet high and specialize in aeroponic technology. To put that in less scientific terms, these fruits and veggies don’t require soil to grow, and they use significantly less water than traditional farms and gardens.

Could this change the face of farming as we know it? Check out the video below to learn more.

The world is rapidly changing, and our practices have to change along with it if we want to strengthen and protect the planet that gives us so much.

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