Two Dogs In Wheelchairs Showed Up At The Beach And Cuteness Ensued

It isn’t too often that you see a dog on wheels, let alone one at the beach.

However, that isn’t to say that wheelchair-bound dogs can’t enjoy running around in the sand and water. Just ask this happy pooch, who had no problems at all during her awesome day in the sun. In fact, things for her got even better when she ran into an unexpected new friend who happened to share a lot in common.

As soon as she saw another dog in a wheelchair, she couldn’t contain her excitement.

The other pup was just as happy to have a buddy who got around in the same way…

…and when they met, it was clearly love at first sight. Watch them play together in the adorable video below!

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15 Times People Have Found Creepy Crawlies In Their Food — So Gross!

It never fails that every time I go out for a nice meal with my cousin, she’s bound to find something in her food.

She’s gotten so used to finding things in her prepared meals that she regularly inspects her food just waiting to find a reason to call over the manager. Me on the other hand, I live by the motto of eat now, ask questions later.

One thing my cousin hasn’t found in her food is bugs of any kind. Unfortunately, these people weren’t so lucky. These 15 people opened their food items with the best intentions only to find something slimy and disgusting setting up shop in their dinner.

1. After discovering these bugs in his cafeteria lunch, I think it’s safe to say he started brown bagging it.

Read More: Family Finds Snake In Toilet…Which Leads To Other Horrifying Discoveries In Their Home

2. There’s absolutely no way you can ruin chicken tenders for me. Just kidding. This would do it.

3. You had to ruin chocolate for me, didn’t you?

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The Reason She’s Using Paper Towels In Her Hair Is Totally Genius

It’s no secret that frequent and sustained blow-drying isn’t exactly great for your hair.

That said, most of us have little choice but to grab a blow dryer and douse our hair with heat before running out of the door to go to work in the morning. Over time, this can cause damage such as breakage and split ends. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

While we all know that it’s important to get as much water as possible out of our hair before blow-drying it, towel-drying can actually cause even more damage.

Getty Images

Fear not, though, because there is a solution — paper towels! Beauty blogger Cathy Donohue says, “Paper towels soak up the water faster than a towel does so when you go to blow-dry, you won’t have to spend as long blast-drying your hair.”

Getty Images

Read More: You’ve Been Blow-Drying Your Hair Wrong For Years — Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Out

But wait, there’s more! You can also use paper towels to get luscious curls without the heat. Who would have thought that something so simple could make you feel like such a diva?

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After Telling Her Pregnant Sister Not To Get A Dog, This Woman Happily Ate Her Words

For people who are about to become parents, it probably isn’t the best idea to throw a new pet into the mix with a baby on the way.

Parents have enough to worry about and prepare for in the months leading up to giving birth, which is why adopting a cat or dog can add a lot of stress, especially if they don’t know the animal’s personality or whether they’ll be good around children. And because babies need a TON of attention and care, it’s easy for pets to get neglected.

That said, these situations sometimes end up working out so perfectly that it seems like they were meant to be. Such is the case with Imgur user adderly‘s niece and the black Lab she calls her best friend.

When adderly’s pregnant sister thought about getting a puppy, she firmly told her not to out of concern. The mom-to-be decided to anyway, and when her baby girl was born in 2007, she met the sweet pup she’d share her childhood with.

Born just a month apart, the two formed an instant bond with each other.

They became inseparable and did everything together, including watching Saturday cartoons…

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…going on car rides…

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…walking to school…

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…and just hanging out on the couch.

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After watching them grow up together, adderly was happy to admit that “they’re pretty much the bestest friends ever and I’m eating my words.”

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Their friendship has seen many years, more than a few gray hairs…

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..and even a new baby sister!

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Through it all, they’ve stuck together.

Imgur / adderly

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Now, 10 years later, the little girl won’t leave her best friend’s side while he’s recovering from getting a few benign tumors removed. This is unconditional love at its finest.

Imgur / adderly

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Here Are 31 Reasons Why Lame Dads Rule The World.

Dads are great, but lame dads are even better. At least as far as the world of internet humor is concerned. There 31 dads have the whole parenting thing nailed down: that perfect balance of heroism, awesome-ness, and earth shattering embarrassment for their children.

1.) “Do you feel a draft?” – Dad.

2.) Amazing save, dad style.

3.) The true meaning of throwback Thursday.

4.) Some dads never grow out of it.

5.) Those moves, so smooth.

6.) This feels staged…

7.) Spreading fatherly holiday cheer.

8.) There’s got to be a hilarious story behind this picture.

9.) It’s the only way to stop the tech support calls.

10.) He could be onto something here.

11.) Can you guess what his name is?

12.) That one will be in the yearbook baby photo section. I guarantee it.

13.) Getting them started early. “Hadouken!”

14.) Dads are busy people. Who has time to buy new cards?

15.) Thanks for letting me know…I guess.

16.) Ready to do battle with the bug army.

17.) “My beer was right here when I fell asleep. Where did it go?”

18.) We are not amused.

19.) Getting exercise together is important.

20.) Not every dad is very handy.

21.) Everyone’s favorite fictional dad, Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

22.) Umm, certainly not the best life advice.

23.) Ok this is actually awesome.

24.) In his own world.

25.) Reflexes like lightning.

26.) Sleeping dads are easy victims for their daughters’ creativity.

27.) The pun master.

28.) Dad actually looks better here.

29.) Priorities.

30.) Look at those legs.

31.) That’s gotta be the oldest one in the book.

Make sure to call your dad and thank him for not being this lame… but before you do, share this post by clicking below.

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You’ve Been Blowdrying Your Hair Wrong For Years — Here Are 10 Tips To Help You Out

If I didn’t have a hairdryer, I have no idea how I’d keep my thick hair in line.

I love how it helps me straighten out my locks so easily while saving me the embarrassment of walking around with an ugly, frizzy hairstyle. The only problem with this is that I had no idea I was completely damaging my hair in the process.

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Don’t worry, though! You can avoid my mistakes by becoming a blowdrying pro with some help from these simple tips and tricks.

1. Your hair is way too wet.


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Your hair is actually supposed to be nearly dry before you start using a hairdryer, because styling it while it’s too wet can damage your hair and take way longer to do. Try removing as much excess water as you can with a towel first.

2. You aren’t using the right kind of brush.


If you have a metal brush, it can heat up really fast and damage your hair. Use a boar, nylon, or ceramic brush instead and make sure that the barrel is round.

3. You aren’t using any products to protect your hair.


Drying your hair blasts it with heat and damages it without any protective products. This will cause your hair to get frizzy, which completely defeats the purpose of using a hairdryer.

4. You aren’t using your dryer’s nozzle.


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This attachment makes styling much easier and also helps you smooth out your hair.

5. You aren’t using the right products for your hair type.


If your product doesn’t match your hair, you could miss out on awesome volume, shine, or frizz resistance. You also might end up weighing your hair down. Be sure to read the labels carefully before buying!

6. You aren’t drying your hair in sections.


You should be working on small sections one at a time so you can easily control the style you’re going for. Start from the bottom by clipping up the top portion and working in two-inch sections, adjusting the clip as you go.

7. You’re blowing your hair in the wrong direction.


At the roots, you should be blowing your hair in the opposite direction that it naturally falls. For the ends, point the dryer at them in a downward direction to get maximum smoothness.

8. The setting you’re using is likely too hot.


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If you don’t have really thick hair, you should always use the low temperature setting to avoid any unnecessary damage.

9. Your hairdryer is just too old.


Dryers are only meant to last for so long before they stop working properly. If you’ve used yours more than a few hundred times, it’s probably a good idea to replace it before it overheats and gives you tons of split ends.

10. You aren’t completely drying your hair or finishing with the cool setting.


You need to make sure that all of your hair is dry before putting the dryer away, because wet strands can lead to a lot of frizz later in the day. It can be hard to tell whether your hair is wet or not when it feels hot to the touch, so use the cool setting to finish off your style and dry every last hair.

(via Health)

Now you’ll have the nicest, most gorgeous hair out of all your friends and family. You can thank us later.

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28 Of The Funniest Running Jokes On “Parks And Recreation”

Soak up your tears with these sweet memories. Warning: Spoilers ahead.

Parks and Recreation is ending tonight, and as we gather 5,000 candles in its honor, it’s time to reminisce.

NBC / Via

We’re not crying, OK?! We’re allergic to series finales.

Here are some of the best running jokes throughout the show’s seven seasons.

1. The Bermuda Triangle of Tammys.




Tammy 1, Tammy 2, and Ron’s mom, Tammy.

2. Ben’s relentless love for calzones.

Because pizza is your grandfather’s calzone.

3. Leslie’s colorful compliments.

NBC / Via

Vulture compiled all of Leslie’s terminology into one wonderful list so we can never forget ones like “Ann, you cunning, pliable, chestnut-haired sunfish.”

4. Ron’s love of breakfast food…

NBC / Via

Strippers do nothing for him, but he will take a free buffet anytime, anyplace.

5. …and all things meat.

NBC / Via

When he eats, it’s the food that’s scared of him. He even had a food truck name a bacon-wrapped turkey leg after him.

6. Tom’s endless entrepreneurial ideas.

Read more than two dozen of them at Vulture, or watch a supercut of all of them.

7. Leslie’s adoration of waffles.

NBC / Via

“We need to remember what’s important in life: friends, waffles, and work. Or waffles, friends, work. But work has to come third.” —Leslie Knope, philosopher/tropical butterfly

8. And her admiration of Ben’s butt.

Sometimes she even talks to it independently.

9. Her run-ins with Councilman Howser at the worst possible times.




Like when she was chanting “Knope rules, Jamm sucks!” into a megaphone.

10. Orin.

NBC / Via

And his cheery demeanor.

11. The Cones of Dunshire.



Courtesy of unemployed Ben.

12. Ben repeatedly accepting and quitting his accounting job.




And his boss Barney’s overjoyed face whenever Ben cracks a joke.

13. And the firm’s undying love for him despite his departures.


You can always ac-count on him because it won’t be too tax-ing.

14. Pawnee City Hall’s offensive murals.

NBC / Via

Its history is a bit…gruesome.

15. Jerry/Larry/Terry/Garry.




For the record, his real name is Garry.

16. The incompetent animal control team.




We’ll miss you dearly, Harris Wittels.

17. And Pawnee’s subsequent raccoon problem.




It’s so bad that the city established the Raccoon Eradication Initiative.

18. The town’s reliance on AltaVista.

The search engine is so old, it’s not even around anymore.

19. April’s dislike of any kind of affection.

(Except for Andy, of course.)

20. And Leslie’s distaste for the city’s librarians.

They’re extremely well-read, which makes them very dangerous.

21. The whirlwind that is Joan Callamezzo.

NBC / Via

Where can we get a copy of her book, Game of Joans?

22. Ron’s giddiness over riddles.

NBC / Via

He’s really, really good at scavenger hunts, probably because he hides survival gear and gold all over town.

23. Pawnee vs. Eagleton.

NBC / Via

They think they’re so much better with their clean parks and cupcake factory that makes the air smell like vanilla.

24. Jean-Ralphio and Mona Lisa singing.

Because they’re the wooOooorst.

25. Perd Hapley’s literal interpretations of everything.

NBC / Via

“Let’s begin the show by starting it.”

26. Duke Silver.




It may be cold outside, but it’s about to get warm all up in your jazz.

27. Li’l Sebastian, Pawnee’s famous miniature horse.




Whose celebrity was beautifully encapsulated with Ginuwine’s tribute.

28. Treat yoself.

NBC / Via

Because we could all learn something from Tom and Donna’s annual day of luxury.

What’s your favorite? Tell us below, and we will all group-hug.

And check out our interview with Parks co-creator Michael Schur about Gryzzl, Ron and Leslie, and the last days on set.

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This Is What You Should Eat When You’re Feeling Sick…Or Hungover.

Whether you overdid it on the booze the night before or going into battle with a cold or flu, it’s always a headache (literally) when you wake up feeling like roadkill. No matter what your grandma or best friend tells you about their own sure fire cure-alls, these items have been proven by science to help take the edge of a sore head, stomach and other common ailments.

Stock up on these before cold and flu season starts…or your next bender.

1.) Citrus: Though vitamin C has been ruled out as an old wive’s tale for a common cold cure, the pulp of citrus does contain flavanoids which help boost immune systems.

2.) Spicy Food: If you have a stomach ache, steer clear. But if your sinuses are backed up, spicy food works as a great natural decongestant.

3.) Tea: Hot drinks help alleviate congestion and soothe sore throats. Green tea is especially helpful with infection fighting antioxidants.

4.) Coconut Water: Better than sports drinks with nasty chemicals and dyes in them, this natural option is just as effective at replenishing electrolytes.

5.) Crackers: Go with unsalted or lightly salted crackers to help ease digestion issues.

6.) Toast: Like crackers, the high starch and bland options helps ease queasy stomachs as well as helping your liver get back to regulating your blood sugar after being distracted by alcohol.

7.) Asparagus: Extracts in the leaves and spears can help boost up enzymes that breakdown while drinking heavily.

8.) Bananas: They’re packed full of potassium and help replenish electrolytes lost while sweating out the flu.

9.) Broth soup: Classic chicken noodle includes an amino acid called cysteine which helps get rid of mucus build up when you have a cold.

10.) Eggs: The protein helps stabilize your blood sugar and the cystine helps break down toxins.

11.) Ginger: Drinking ginger tea or flat ginger ale can help with soothing nausea.

12.) Honey: Add it to your tea to bump up the anti-oxidant levels.

13.) Popsicles: They’re a tasty way to soothe a sore throat and stay hydrated.

14.) Prickly Pears: The spiky fruit found on cacti is full of anti-inflammatory agents.

15.) Quinoa: This super grain contains amino acids which can be helpful after a night of heavy drinking.

16.) Tomato Juice: As long as it’s not a Bloody Mary, the juice provides you with vitamins, minerals and much needed hydration.

(via Rodale News and Greatist.)

Looks like I have some grocery shopping to do before the weekend. No more hangovers for me!

Share these tips with your friends using the buttons below!

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His Owner Wasn’t Getting A Good Workout, So This Pup Decided To Change That — LOL

They say you should always exercise with a buddy, however I’m not sure the rules apply to our furry friends.

Trying to show off for the camera, this athletic dog owner begins a set of push-ups, completing just nine before his doggy best friend decides he wants in on the action. Completely unprovoked, this exercise fanatic pup hops onto his owner’s shoulders to add a bit more weight to each completed push-up.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); });

That’s definitely not helping, bud.

So much for getting a good workout in before dinner.

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25 Incredible Things To Eat In Scotland Right Now

Come for the scenery, stay for the chocolate orange and cardamom cake.

1. Fish and chips at Anstruther Fish Bar, Fife.

This multi-award-winning chip shop in the ludicrously pretty fishing village of Anstruther counts Prince William among its customers. If you want to eat like royalty you should definitely try their freshly caught haddock and chips.

2. A traditional Scotch egg at The Auld Smiddy Inn, Pitlochry, Perth and Kinross.

These days this 100-year-old former blacksmith’s forge sells locally sourced, wholesome, and tasty Scottish grub instead of horseshoes, as well as fantastic real ales from the nearby Inveralmond Brewery in Perth.

3. A blueberry and coconut scone at Kitschenbake, Newport-on-Tay, Fife.

This seafront bakery and cafe is a relatively new addition to the pretty Fife town of Newport-on-Tay, near Dundee. It’s not unheard of for dolphins to pop by and put on a show while customers enjoy a scone or goat’s cheese tart.

4. Haggis, neeps, and tatties at The Clachaig Inn, Glencoe, Argyll.

If you’re a keen munro bagger, you’re probably already familiar with this rustic pub in the shadow of Bidean nam Bian. If not, then you should definitely stick it on your bucket list. It’s a great place to enjoy some traditional food, music, and local beer.

5. A full Scottish breakfast at The Green Welly Stop, Tyndrum, Stirling.

The Green Welly Stop has been welcoming walkers, cyclists, and the slightly lost for over 48 years. What was once the local post office has evolved into a shop and restaurant serving hearty grub to people walking the West Highland Way.

6. Cheese-topped fish pie at The Witchery, Edinburgh.

If you’re looking for a atmospheric restaurant then you could do a lot worse than The Witchery. It’s housed in a beautiful medieval building a stone’s throw from Edinburgh Castle, and serves up luxurious dishes like this indulgent fish pie.

7. Luxury hot chocolate with cream at the Machrie Bay Tearoom, Isle of Arran.

This lovely, friendly little tearoom sits right beside the sea. If you don’t have a particularly sweet tooth, try the Taste of Arran platter instead: a fantastic selection of Arran cheese, oatcakes, Creelers smoked salmon, and crusty bread.

8. Bacon and maple syrup pancakes at Bruach Bar and Restaurant, Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

This laidback, sofa-filled pub not far from the Dundee waterfront is the perfect place to grab a relaxed, bacony brunch. Vegetarians can opt for eggs florentine with buttery hollandaise and wilted spinach.

9. Oysters at Cafe Fish, Tobermory, Isle of Mull.

This seafood nirvana in the pretty harbour town of Tobermory prides itself on its relaxed atmosphere and fresh ingredients – the menus say “the only thing frozen are our fishermen”. It’s clearly quite cold on Mull.

10. A Scottish cheeseboard at Hotel Eilean Iarmain, Isle of Skye.

Passers-by are welcome to pop into this traditional Skye hotel to enjoy a pint, a large quantity of cheese – including Scottish brie, crowdie, and Strathdon Blue – and spectacular views across the Sound of Sleat to the Knoydart Hills.

11. Udon noodles with Thai spices and home-smoked tofu at David Bann Vegetarian Restaurant, Edinburgh.

David Bann is a stylish restaurant that refuses to succumb to the usual veggie stereotypes of rubbery quiche and bland lentils. Instead, its striking menu includes a chilli pancake with chocolate sauce and these luscious spicy noodles.

12. A BLT with sweet potato, carrot, and parsnip crisps at The Fat Cyclist Cafe, Stirling.

This fun, friendly cafe – presumably run by a fat cyclist – is a great place to grab lunch or relax with a coffee on a Sunday morning. One thing’s for sure: You’ll have to cycle pretty far to burn off the calories in their indulgent red velvet cake.

13. Banana parfait at the Moonfish Cafe, Aberdeen.

This beautiful restaurant sits on a cobbled street in Aberdeen’s medieval quarter. Food highlights include their cod with pancetta and delicious desserts that would definitely make professional pudding-botherer Gregg Wallace cry tears of joy.

14. Confit pork belly with leek mash and a cider jus at The Harbour Cafe, Loch Venachar, Perthshire.

This beautiful lochside restaurant is so close to the water that it’s practically in it. Huge windows make the most of the setting, while the food – like this Ayrshire pork belly with Stornoway black pudding – makes the most of local ingredients.

15. Coconut bread and butter pudding with passionfruit ice cream at Stravaigin, Glasgow.

Stravaigin is a creative West End restaurant that experiments with wild ingredients like hedgerow herbs, rook, and grey squirrel. Even its desserts are unusual: As well as this exotic bread pudding, diners can also sample curry-leaf ice cream.

16. Fillet steak topped with caramelised onions and haggis at The Foveran, Kirkwall, Orkney.

The Foveran offers its guests sweeping views of Scapa Flow as well as fresh Orkney beef, lamb, and seafood. They also bake fresh bannock bread every day using stoneground beremeal flour from the nearby Barony Mill.

17. “Roks and Moss” at Restaurant Mark Greenaway, Edinburgh.

TV chef Mark Greenaway opened his New Town restaurant two years ago and it’s been gathering good reviews ever since. This unusual pud is actually a delicious combination of pistachio sponge, chocolate mint mousse, and coffee macaroons.

18. Risotto cake topped with a poached egg at Pillars of Hercules Cafe, Cupar, Fife.

This vegetarian farm shop, campsite, and cafe is as beautiful as it is quirky. All the food is organic and customers can opt to eat their healthy lunch on a rustic, Lord of the Rings-style outdoor terrace supported by live trees.

19. Steak pie at the Waterfront Bar, Inverness.

The Waterfront is an airy, historical gastropub on the banks of the River Ness. Their steak pie is a particular favourite with visitors and locals, but if you fancy something a bit different you should definitely sample the haggis pakora.

20. Meringues at Mhor 84 Motel, Balquhidder, Stirling.

This airy B&B is a sister business to the nearby Monachyle Mhor hotel, run by award-winning chef Tom Lewis. Their seafood dishes are great, but don’t leave until you’ve tried their vast, pillowy raspberry meringues with chantilly cream.

21. Vegan chocolate orange and cardamom cake with soya ice cream at The 78, Glasgow.

The 78 is about as chilled as a city-centre cafe bar can get. Its open fire, sofas, and rustic wooden tables make it feel like a home from home, and the vegan menu is filled with unexpected delights like this i

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The many benefits of healthy living practices