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This Couple Is Getting Spied On… But It’s Definitely Not For The Reason You Think.

Planning to surprise the girl of your dreams with a marriage proposal isn’t a laughing matter. Unless you make her scream so loud she startles the entire block, then it’s kind of funny. One man pulled out all of the stops to ask his girl to marry him and her reaction didn’t disappoint. In fact, we’re pretty sure dogs were howling because of her screech of happiness.

He told her that his university’s art department was having a photo scavenger hunt.

A few blocks were roped off for an event, so walking around taking pictures was easy.

She didn’t know that all of the clues were leading her to a HUGE surprise.

The very last clue they found had a hidden message that needed to be revealed by being scratched off or made wet.

It read, “Turn around.” When she did, she was shocked to see her boyfriend down on one knee.

Like, REALLY shocked!

Of course, she said yes.

She also didn’t realize that they were being spied on the entire time, either.

He made a fake scavenger hunt card for the occasion. The lucky girl couldn’t believe it because the card looked so good.

Back-handed compliment or not, they are now happily engaged.

He’ll get major points throughout most of the engagement for the surprise.

Even though he nearly gave her a happy heart attack.

Young love is worth sharing, as well as this amazing proposal. Source

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