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Here Are 31 Reasons Why Lame Dads Rule The World.

Dads are great, but lame dads are even better. At least as far as the world of internet humor is concerned. There 31 dads have the whole parenting thing nailed down: that perfect balance of heroism, awesome-ness, and earth shattering embarrassment for their children.

1.) “Do you feel a draft?” – Dad.

2.) Amazing save, dad style.

3.) The true meaning of throwback Thursday.

4.) Some dads never grow out of it.

5.) Those moves, so smooth.

6.) This feels staged…

7.) Spreading fatherly holiday cheer.

8.) There’s got to be a hilarious story behind this picture.

9.) It’s the only way to stop the tech support calls.

10.) He could be onto something here.

11.) Can you guess what his name is?

12.) That one will be in the yearbook baby photo section. I guarantee it.

13.) Getting them started early. “Hadouken!”

14.) Dads are busy people. Who has time to buy new cards?

15.) Thanks for letting me know…I guess.

16.) Ready to do battle with the bug army.

17.) “My beer was right here when I fell asleep. Where did it go?”

18.) We are not amused.

19.) Getting exercise together is important.

20.) Not every dad is very handy.

21.) Everyone’s favorite fictional dad, Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

22.) Umm, certainly not the best life advice.

23.) Ok this is actually awesome.

24.) In his own world.

25.) Reflexes like lightning.

26.) Sleeping dads are easy victims for their daughters’ creativity.

27.) The pun master.

28.) Dad actually looks better here.

29.) Priorities.

30.) Look at those legs.

31.) That’s gotta be the oldest one in the book.

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These Kids Aren’t Afraid To Dream Big, No Matter How Ridiculous Their Goals Are

It’s pretty much a guaranteed rite of passage as a kid that sooner or later, you’ll be asked by everyone you know what you want to be when you grow up. Well into my adult life, I still try to dodge the question, because in my eyes, I’m still a kid at heart.

But when it comes to dreams, discovering them at a young age can prove beneficial in turning the perhaps far-fetched goals into actual realities. I was always told that if you can dream it, you can do it. Let’s all repeat that mantra while we read these childhood dreams (and laugh hysterically)…

1. I wish he would have elaborated: hard shell or soft shell?

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2. Some dreams require more effort than others.

3. She has big dreams…of learning to multitask.

4. It’s the little things in life.

5. Warren just got real.

6. I still haven’t done this and I’m in my mid-20s.

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7. You can never have too much pizza.

8. I feel like there should be a protein in there, Alina.

9. Isn’t he the evil one from the third movie? At least be the good guy!

10. He dreams big.

11. Dollar dollar bills (and quarters), y’all.

12. I can see how this picture could be misleading.

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13. Before kicking butt in the real world, this kid wants to go for a test run in the world of video games.

14. From man to man’s best friend.

15. You and me both, kid.

16. I hear you — you get unlimited fries, right?

17. This kid’s so accomplished, he can already read with his eyes closed.

18. I totally can’t wait to accomplish that major milestone of turning 29…and cutting my own food.

19. Someone’s watched a few too many episodes of “Game of Thrones.”

20. I’m not sure these were quite the dreams Dr. King had in mind.

21. They do have good nachos…

22. This kid clearly has his priorities in order.

These kids are making me look bad. I really need to buckle down and get my life in order.

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23 Things You’ll Never Hear A Parent Say

“Disneyland is actually quite affordable!”

1. “Tell me more about Minecraft!”


2. “A kids grilled cheese for just $11? What a steal!”

3. “I am so over sleeping in.”

Flickr: squant / Via Creative Commons

4. “If I could relive one minute over and over for the rest of my life, it would definitely be the one after I tell my kids it’s time for bed.”

Flickr: noahfans / Via Creative Commons

5. “Finally, it’s date night! Shall we go to Chuck E. Cheese’s?”

Flickr: aloha75 / Via Creative Commons

6. “Even after three years the backseat of my minivan still looks brand new!”

7. “Thank you for the unsolicited critique of my parenting.”

The WB

8. “I sure hope my neighbor turns on his leaf blower during naptime!”

Flickr: 33037982@N04 / Via Creative Commons

9. “I think it’s so charming when you refer to my baby as ‘it.'”

Flickr: sidewalk_flying / Via Creative Commons

10. “There’s no better time for a waiter to take 20 minutes to take your order than when you’re eating with kids.”

Flickr: visualthinker / Via Creative Commons

11. “I can’t wait to explain sex to my kids!”


12. “Stepping on a Lego is so refreshing!”

13. “Yes! Parent teacher conferences!”


14. “Is there a more stress-free moment than when your kid is at bat in Little League?”

Flickr: psycho-pics / Via Creative Commons

15. “No fair! You got to put the toy together last time!”

Flickr: ozzywu1974 / Via Creative Commons

16. “My favorite part of being pregnant was all the random people who came up and touched my belly.”

Screen Gems

17. “No, I haven’t lost all the baby weight yet. How sweet of you to notice.”

Getty Images/iStockphoto Manuel-F-O

18. “The people on parenting message boards are so nonjudgmental and supportive!”

Channel 4

19. “It would be super helpful if you could glare at me and my baby this whole flight.”

Photodisc / Via Getty Images

20. “Gee, I hope my kid asks for a glass of water at 4 a.m. tonight!”


21. “Please just take one bite of chocolate. Just one, and then you can go back to eating your vegetables.”

Flickr: steve_brace / Via Creative Commons

22. “Disneyland is actually quite affordable!”

Paramount Pictures

23. “I just haven’t been to enough children’s birthday parties in this life.”

Flickr: theeerin / Via Creative Commons

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Here Are 14 Fashion Trends We Wish Would Make A Comeback. Kind Of.

Fashion is a fickle mistress. One day something is in style, the next it is a fad we look back on and laugh at. 80% of the hairstyles from the 80s and 90s are jokes now, but back then? They were the best. 

Why did some of these go away? There were some great styles that we have just glanced over and never brought back. How does wearing a super-soft tracksuit sound like a bad idea? I’m making a campaign for bringing these fashion staples back into the mainstream. We can do it!

1.) Head to toe velour sweat suits. We need these back ASAP. That’s comfort, 24/7.


2.) Pirate gear. How else am I supposed to carry my sword around?

3.) Colonial wigs to look classy for any occasion.

4.) Zoot suits have always been known to be a riot.

5.) Street urchin attire (oh wait, hipsters may have already made this a thing).

6.) Beehive hairdos, because where else are you going to hide the candy you bring into the movie theater?

7.) Bondage pants for those who are into whips and chains. And knowing where their wallets are.

8.) Knight armor. It keeps you shaded and impervious to most physical attacks. Fashionable and purposeful.

9.) Sherlock Homes hats for when you’re out investigating the whereabout of that late night snack you desire.

10.) Bowl haircuts are not only fashionable, but easy to make happen, all you need is a bowl and some scissors!

11.) Hoop dresses, back when women had the most INSANE curves.

12.) Canadian tuxedos, not just for Canadians anymore.

13.) Propeller hats to let people know you are just a lovable goof.

14.) Sparkly tutus. If it worked for Richard Simmons, it can work for all of us.

Imagine how cool you’d look walking down the street wearing some of these items? The answer is “super cool.” Share this post with your fashion forward friends…or your fashion backwards friends. Regardless, show them this post. We need to make some of these things happen.

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