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Here Are 31 Reasons Why Lame Dads Rule The World.

Dads are great, but lame dads are even better. At least as far as the world of internet humor is concerned. There 31 dads have the whole parenting thing nailed down: that perfect balance of heroism, awesome-ness, and earth shattering embarrassment for their children.

1.) “Do you feel a draft?” – Dad.

2.) Amazing save, dad style.

3.) The true meaning of throwback Thursday.

4.) Some dads never grow out of it.

5.) Those moves, so smooth.

6.) This feels staged…

7.) Spreading fatherly holiday cheer.

8.) There’s got to be a hilarious story behind this picture.

9.) It’s the only way to stop the tech support calls.

10.) He could be onto something here.

11.) Can you guess what his name is?

12.) That one will be in the yearbook baby photo section. I guarantee it.

13.) Getting them started early. “Hadouken!”

14.) Dads are busy people. Who has time to buy new cards?

15.) Thanks for letting me know…I guess.

16.) Ready to do battle with the bug army.

17.) “My beer was right here when I fell asleep. Where did it go?”

18.) We are not amused.

19.) Getting exercise together is important.

20.) Not every dad is very handy.

21.) Everyone’s favorite fictional dad, Hal from Malcolm in the Middle.

22.) Umm, certainly not the best life advice.

23.) Ok this is actually awesome.

24.) In his own world.

25.) Reflexes like lightning.

26.) Sleeping dads are easy victims for their daughters’ creativity.

27.) The pun master.

28.) Dad actually looks better here.

29.) Priorities.

30.) Look at those legs.

31.) That’s gotta be the oldest one in the book.

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His Owner Wasn’t Getting A Good Workout, So This Pup Decided To Change That — LOL

They say you should always exercise with a buddy, however I’m not sure the rules apply to our furry friends.

Trying to show off for the camera, this athletic dog owner begins a set of push-ups, completing just nine before his doggy best friend decides he wants in on the action. Completely unprovoked, this exercise fanatic pup hops onto his owner’s shoulders to add a bit more weight to each completed push-up.

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That’s definitely not helping, bud.

So much for getting a good workout in before dinner.

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These Kids Aren’t Afraid To Dream Big, No Matter How Ridiculous Their Goals Are

It’s pretty much a guaranteed rite of passage as a kid that sooner or later, you’ll be asked by everyone you know what you want to be when you grow up. Well into my adult life, I still try to dodge the question, because in my eyes, I’m still a kid at heart.

But when it comes to dreams, discovering them at a young age can prove beneficial in turning the perhaps far-fetched goals into actual realities. I was always told that if you can dream it, you can do it. Let’s all repeat that mantra while we read these childhood dreams (and laugh hysterically)…

1. I wish he would have elaborated: hard shell or soft shell?

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2. Some dreams require more effort than others.

3. She has big dreams…of learning to multitask.

4. It’s the little things in life.

5. Warren just got real.

6. I still haven’t done this and I’m in my mid-20s.

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7. You can never have too much pizza.

8. I feel like there should be a protein in there, Alina.

9. Isn’t he the evil one from the third movie? At least be the good guy!

10. He dreams big.

11. Dollar dollar bills (and quarters), y’all.

12. I can see how this picture could be misleading.

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13. Before kicking butt in the real world, this kid wants to go for a test run in the world of video games.

14. From man to man’s best friend.

15. You and me both, kid.

16. I hear you — you get unlimited fries, right?

17. This kid’s so accomplished, he can already read with his eyes closed.

18. I totally can’t wait to accomplish that major milestone of turning 29…and cutting my own food.

19. Someone’s watched a few too many episodes of “Game of Thrones.”

20. I’m not sure these were quite the dreams Dr. King had in mind.

21. They do have good nachos…

22. This kid clearly has his priorities in order.

These kids are making me look bad. I really need to buckle down and get my life in order.

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What This Guy Did Is Probably The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Seen. But I Can’t Stop Laughing.

What you’re about to see is possibly the craziest and funniest thing you’ll see all year. Mr. Sebuyama, a blogger for a Japanese humor website called Omocoro, recently published these hilarious pictures of himself wearing nothing but a pink sweater. The pictures were a part of a satirical article/guide he wrote about an ingenious idea he had on how someone could keep warm and not spend any money on electricity simply by wearing nothing but a pink sweater-bodysuit. So with out further ado, here’s Sebuyama’s guide to staying warm in the winter:

Hello, I’m Sebuyama. Day after day this severe cold continues, so how can people cope? Take me for example: I don’t have money to buy any clothes, so even indoors I’m left shivering from the cold.

If you’re one of the millions like me who think, ‘I don’t want to rely on a heater, but all I have is a single pink sweater,’ then my investigative report will show you what to do.

1) Put your legs through the sleeves of the sweater.

2) Put your upper body through the large bottom hole of the sweater.

The trick is to fold your body into half so it will fit inside an article of clothing designed for half your body.

3) You’ll find your head is approaching the neck-hole of the sweater just as if you were putting it on normally.

4) Just keep pushing your head through until…You’re done!

Once fully inserted into the sweater, you’ll find your once shiver-inducing room has become your personal tropical cabana! The combination of curling your body up into a ball and the sweater provides an unprecedented level of warmth using a minimum of resources.

Now you needn’t worry about keeping up with your utility bills or whatever horrors global warming decides to unleash next. You can even continue with your work as usual, but now in warmth.

Sebuyama next took his invention out for a field test, because keeping warm indoors is all well and good but we’re busy people with lives to lead out in the world. Won’t curling ourselves up into a single sweater interfere with that?

Here he comes!

Clearly a bit of an unusual sight, but let’s not let that distract us from the field test.

The single sweater continued to keep him warm despite the chilling wind and damp asphalt.

Clearly, it was harder for him to walk in this way but that only burns more calories and keeps you warm by doing exercise.

Sebuyama buys a baked sweet potato (yakiimo) for 100 yen at a local produce shop for the next step in his test, to see how easy it is to eat while looking like a turkey-man.

This little square is a good enough place to relax and eat his yakiimo.

At first, Sebuyama found an issue in his new body-warming technique. He was unable to bend any further than he already had to pass the sweet potato to his mouth. To make matters worse, a pigeon started eyeing his snack.

Things were looking grim for the field test but then he remembered he still had fully functioning hands to eat his potato with. All was well again.

Sebuyama says he was both impressed with how warm he kept and how friendly everyone in town was to him. Some people even asked him for an autograph.

There you have it. If all you’ve got to wear is a single sweater, then you now have the tools to manage even the worst winter Mother Nature can throw at you.

And to think, during this unusually cold winter all I needed to stay warm and cosy was a pink sweater…well, and a whole lot of courage too. Source: Omocoro (Original Japanese article) / RocketNews24 (for English translations) Share Sebuyama’s winter warming guide with your friends below.

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Not Everyone Can Park Perfectly, But These People Can’t Park At All…Wow

It’s pretty much a proven fact that most human beings are incapable of driving.

Unsurprisingly, these same human beings tend to be just as bad at parking. Finding a parking spot is difficult enough without these people wreaking their special brand of havoc on the world. And while most of us just ignore an annoying park job, some decide to write not-so-nice notes to let horrible parkers know just how much they disrupt society.

To honor the worst parkers in America and the revenge-seeking note writers that hate them, here are 29 horrid park jobs and confrontational notes that will make you exercise extreme caution the next time you’re pulling into a spot.

1. I certainly hope he wasn’t taking his permit test.

2. This office building has found a new way to celebrate disobedient parkers.

3. You know it’s real when someone has time to type out a note and include a diagram.

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4. I can’t even begin to list all the things wrong with this park job.

5. This driver forgot to read between the lines.

6. I don’t think that’s how handicap spaces are supposed to work.

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7. See Spot Park

8. You tried.

9. Who would even think of doing this?

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10. This brings a whole new meaning to the game four square.

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11. When all else fails, aim for below the belt.

12. The objective of parking isn’t to emulate a can of sardines.

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13. Congratulations, you suck!

14. Finding a spot in the snow can be difficult, but no worries, this tyke found a space (or two) for his bike.

15. People are idiots.

16. This guy’s been watching way too much “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

17. Bad parking: not just for cars anymore.

18. You know what they say about guys who drive big trucks…they can’t park to save their lives.

19. This driver never learned how to follow simple directions.

20. So close.

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21. This is what happens when Mr. Potato Head can’t find a parking spot thanks to someone else’s horrible driving.

22. When there aren’t any spots, park in the driving lane.

23. This driver won’t take NO for an answer.

24. Parking lot Tetris

25. Monkey see, monkey do.

26. I hope he drove with those boots on, because who would boot a car parked like this?

27. Don’t make people doubt their grammar!

28. Anything you can do, I can do better.

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29. But no one takes out their parking aggressions quite like this man:

With people like these on the road, I think I’ll stick to public transit.

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These Dogs Have No Idea What Happened To All Of Your Stuff. Really.

You come home to find the garbage pail knocked over and its gross contents strewn about your house. Or maybe your couch pillows have been mangled, filling the living room with fluffy carnage. “What happened?” you moan. But there’s one thing for certain.

Your dog didn’t do it. No way. Look at that face. Your dog was sleeping like a little angel, or waiting loyally for you to come home. They have no idea how the garbage got knocked over or how the pillows got shredded or who ever could have done something like chew completely through the remote. They blame the cat, really. That cat is always up to no good.

If this sounds familiar, enjoy this gallery of totally not guilty dogs looking anything but guilty.

1.) “Wait, are you saying I’m doing this wrong?”

2.) “It was burglars. They were after your pillow foam. I saved the day!”

3.) “It was all the little one! I swear!”

4.) “Mess? I have no idea what you’re talking about. You should be concentrating on how cute I am!”

5.) “What? No, my legs have always been black. And damp.”

6.) “I’m really just as shocked as you are. We’ll get through this together. By which I mean you clean this up and give me dinner

7.) “It’s a good thing that gate was up. Otherwise whoever did this might have gone really nuts!”

8.) “No, I’ve just been chewing on my bone. See? Bone. Whole time.”


9.) “Heh heh. Those, um, those are the ones I bought. With my dog money.”

10.) “It was the cat. I tried to stop him.”

11.) “Did you know that bags of dirt can just explode? Really weird, man…”

On a serious note, though, dogs will destroy things if they are bored or anxious, so make sure your dog gets plenty of play and exercise and spend lots of quality time with them! 

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16 Times Newman From “Seinfeld” Was The Most Real And Inspiring Person On Televsion

“Oh, the humanity!”

1. When he didn’t let the haters stop him from living his life:

Live your best life, Newman.

2. When he taught us all the valuable lesson: “Quit while you’re ahead.”



Nothing makes you feel better than lying in the fetal position feeling sorry for yourself.

3. When he was honest about vegetables:



Ban broccoli.

4. When he made his opinion on PDA clear:



I’m trying to watch a movie here!

5. When he perfectly described how a long week can feel:


6. When he reacted how we all do when someone mentions food:


7. When he was the picture of bravery in the face of peril:

A true American hero.

8. When he responded to disrespect:

9. When he advocated for the rights of postal workers everywhere:

Psh, like hell I’m going out there in this weather.

10. When he was down with the latest slang:

Newman was the original hipster.

11. When he wasn’t afraid to deliver the harsh truth:


Honesty is the best policy, after all.

12. When he spoke profoundly about the nature of love:


13. When he proved himself to be a true connoisseur of the arts:


14. And when he was an absolute lady killer when it came to flirting:


He is the picture of seduction.

15. When he was a master chef:


And also a master dancer.

16. And when other people started to notice what a complex individual he was:


There is, Elaine. There is.

All hail Newman, the realest of the real in television history.


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Their Dog Needed To Get Some Exercise, So They Put Him On A Treadmill…And LOL.

Sometimes the simplest things in life make us smile the most, and this video certainly fits the bill. When this bulldog’s parents set up a treadmill in the house to supplement his walking routine, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

Dogs love walks, but this little nugget has a special place in his heart for a good workout.

Let’s just hope that he lets his humans use the treadmill every now and then. Share the wealth, buddy!

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Watching This Cute Corgi Try Different Fruits And Veggies Is Strangely Satisfying

Great Gatsby the corgi is always looking to try new things and broaden his horizons, especially when it comes to food. In this adorable video, the little guy taste tests a whole bunch of different dog-friendly fruits and vegetables.

Being the culinary explorer that he is, Gatsby is willing to taste everything at least once. But as you might imagine, not everything was to his liking…

“Sure…why not?”

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*Nom nom nom*

Great. While this dog is dining on expensive dragon fruit, I’m sitting here chowing on some stale cornflakes since I forgot to buy milk.

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