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Eating Chocolate For Breakfast Can Help You Lose Weight — 5 Recipes To Try

According to Liz Moskow, culinary director at Sterling-Rice Group, it’s very possible that chocolate cake will become a regular breakfast food because of all the health benefits it offers.

The Denver food expert recently told Food Business News that a Syracuse University study found that dark chocolate improves cognitive functions like abstract reasoning, memory, and the ability to focus — all of which make your workday much easier. Moskow also mentioned another study from Tel Aviv University which found that eating dessert in the morning can even help you lose weight, as our metabolisms are most active during that time of the day.

That said, if your breakfast desserts contain a ton of fat and sugar, you won’t reap any sweet benefits. Don’t worry, though — we’ve got you covered. Here are five deliciously healthy chocolate recipes.

1. There’s no need to give up Nutella when you can make your own healthy homemade version!

2. It’s pretty much impossible not to drool over this amazing chocolate banana bread.

3. Not only are these double chocolate muffins low on calories, but they’re chock-full of protein!

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4. If you want an especially decadent breakfast without the guilt, this dark chocolate avocado mousse is the only way to go.

5. And of course, you can have your dark chocolate zucchini cake and eat it in the morning, too!

Get ready for a new revolution, chocolate lovers. We’ll never have to feel shame about starting the day with chocolately goodness ever again!

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This Is What You Should Eat When You’re Feeling Sick…Or Hungover.

Whether you overdid it on the booze the night before or going into battle with a cold or flu, it’s always a headache (literally) when you wake up feeling like roadkill. No matter what your grandma or best friend tells you about their own sure fire cure-alls, these items have been proven by science to help take the edge of a sore head, stomach and other common ailments.

Stock up on these before cold and flu season starts…or your next bender.

1.) Citrus: Though vitamin C has been ruled out as an old wive’s tale for a common cold cure, the pulp of citrus does contain flavanoids which help boost immune systems.

2.) Spicy Food: If you have a stomach ache, steer clear. But if your sinuses are backed up, spicy food works as a great natural decongestant.

3.) Tea: Hot drinks help alleviate congestion and soothe sore throats. Green tea is especially helpful with infection fighting antioxidants.

4.) Coconut Water: Better than sports drinks with nasty chemicals and dyes in them, this natural option is just as effective at replenishing electrolytes.

5.) Crackers: Go with unsalted or lightly salted crackers to help ease digestion issues.

6.) Toast: Like crackers, the high starch and bland options helps ease queasy stomachs as well as helping your liver get back to regulating your blood sugar after being distracted by alcohol.

7.) Asparagus: Extracts in the leaves and spears can help boost up enzymes that breakdown while drinking heavily.

8.) Bananas: They’re packed full of potassium and help replenish electrolytes lost while sweating out the flu.

9.) Broth soup: Classic chicken noodle includes an amino acid called cysteine which helps get rid of mucus build up when you have a cold.

10.) Eggs: The protein helps stabilize your blood sugar and the cystine helps break down toxins.

11.) Ginger: Drinking ginger tea or flat ginger ale can help with soothing nausea.

12.) Honey: Add it to your tea to bump up the anti-oxidant levels.

13.) Popsicles: They’re a tasty way to soothe a sore throat and stay hydrated.

14.) Prickly Pears: The spiky fruit found on cacti is full of anti-inflammatory agents.

15.) Quinoa: This super grain contains amino acids which can be helpful after a night of heavy drinking.

16.) Tomato Juice: As long as it’s not a Bloody Mary, the juice provides you with vitamins, minerals and much needed hydration.

(via Rodale News and Greatist.)

Looks like I have some grocery shopping to do before the weekend. No more hangovers for me!

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The 11 Most Insane Laws About Food That Have Ever Been Enforced.

The law is tricky. There are many loop holes, outdated clauses, and bureaucratic issues. It’s not surprising that some silly things have slipped through the cracks and chaos from time to time. But these laws about food are just straight up bananas.

Whether or not they’re still enforced, the fact that these laws were real is terrifying. What else can be passed through governments? Yikes.

1.) Riverside, CA: It is illegal to carry your lunch down the street between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am.

2.) California: It is against the law to eat oranges in the bathtub.

3.) Boston, MA: You are restricted by law from eating peanuts in church.

4.) Kentucky: You can face a night in jail for putting your ice cream in your back pocket.

5.) Utah: It is illegal to not drink milk.

6.) Gainesville, GA: It is illegal to eat chicken with a fork, gotta use your hands.

7.) Singapore: Gum has been outlawed for over 20 years unless prescribed by a doctor.

8.) Marion, OH: It is punishable to eat a donut while walking backwards.

9.) Massachusetts: Mourners attending a wake may only consume up to three sandwiches.

10.) Alabama: Throwing salt on rail road tracks is punishable by death.

11.) Waterloo, NE: Barbers are legally forbidden from eating onions between the hours of 7:00 am and noon.

(H/T: Smosh.)

I’m just curious if eating a donut while moonwalking backwards would be allowed in Marion, OH… Someone please test this out and get back to us.

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Could These Food Habits Help You Live Longer? Science Says Yes

It’s no secret that maintaining a healthy diet and exercise plan is key to living longer. That being said, doing that would be a lot easier if we all lived in nations around the world that have been classified as “blue zones.”

David Katz, president of the American College of Lifestyle Medicine, was able to pinpoint five blue zones across the world where thousands of people live to 100 and beyond. This discovery is the end result of over a decade of research. Areas with the highest concentrations of centenarians on Earth are Ikaria, Greece; Okinawa, Japan; Ogliastra, Sardinia; Loma Linda, California; and the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica.

To help you live more than a century, here are the best dietary habits from each blue zone.

1. Loma Linda, California

This community is filled with Seventh-Day Adventists, many of whom outlive most Americans by over a decade. This Christian group practices a strict routine in terms of diet and fitness. They avoid meat and dairy products at all costs. While some eat meat in moderation, this area of California is mostly vegan. They center their diets around grains, nuts, and legumes, and quench their thirst by drinking only water.

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2. Sardinia, Italy

The people pf Sardinia are known for growing their own food and living off the land. This allows them to eat the freshest foods while getting a good amount of exercise. The cost of slaughtering animals is incredibly high, so meat consumption is saved for special occasions. They typically stick with a diet of fish, vegetables, and whole grain foods, all of which are beneficial to cardiovascular health.

3. Okinawa, Japan

With crystal blue oceans, it’s not hard to believe that the people of Okinawa rely heavily on a fish-based diet. However, you might be surprised to learn that soybeans also play an important role in their longevity. These beans are full of protein and carbohydrates and low on fat. Because stir-fry is so popular in this blue zone, it’s worth noting that people’s diets in Okinawa are packed with veggies.

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4. Ikaria, Greece

Like those in Sardinia, the people of Ikaria reap the benefits of a Mediterranean diet. Meal portions are reminiscent of Spanish tapas, which means that they’re pretty small. Products made with goat and sheep’s milk along with bread made of wheat, rye, and barley are key components of the Ikarian diet. These whole grain breads help increase fiber intake. The people of Ikaria experience a 20 percent lower risk of cancer than Americans.

5. The Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

Meals in the Nicoya Peninsula are typically cooked earlier in the day than we are accustomed to. People in the region also believe in eating what is necessary and nothing more. Science has proven that the combination of eating early and only eating what is essential can help extend a person’s life by at least a few years.

If you’re already a coffee addict, you’ll be excited to know that these people consume a ton of the stuff. Coffee is believed to help cut down the risk of dementia and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.

Listen, I’m not worried about whether or not I’ll make it to 100, so I think I’ll keep focusing on living life to the fullest with a cheeseburger and fries every now and then. What about you? Does this make you want to change your eating habits?

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Here Are 16 Foods So Bad For You They’re BANNED In Some Countries. But Not America.

There are foods that you eat, possibly every day, that are so toxic that they are banned from being used in countries. The European Union, China and other superpowers have backed off from using some heavily processed foods and chemicals that have been proven to cause health issues when consumed. But not the United States. You have probably consumed at least one of these food items in the past day, if not more. Each and every one of them have been banned in other countries.

1.) The burgers you eat every day.


2.) Eat chicken nuggets? Or other fast food chicken?


3.) Pssst, there is poison in your chicken.


4.) Mmm, asthma pork chops.


5.) Energy drinks are worse than you thought.


6.) How does TAR make its way in?


7.) Chicken washed in chems… yum.


8.) The bread you’re eating is awful.


9.) Bleached flour can’t possibly be tasty.


10.) I think I would prefer the rotten meat.


11.) Mmm. Antibiotics.


12.) This is how mutants are created.


13.) They create tumors… but we totally eat them.


14.) It’s what’s in your baby formula.


15.) How to sterilize the masses.


16.) That’s right. Anal leakage.


(H/T Piximus) It’s been proven that countless processed foods and additives are terrible for the population’s health, yet the United States has yet to ban them. This is just another reason to start growing your own fruits and vegetables in your back yard… you won’t get anal leakage. More people should know just what they are eating. Share this information with others by clicking on the button below.

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Guess What — Most Of The Stuff We Eat For Breakfast Is Terrible For Empty Stomachs

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but for many people, it’s also the most difficult. Finding time to chow down on something nutritious is almost impossible when you have to get ready for work and get the little ones off to school.

At this point, most of us feel like eating anything at all is an accomplishment. As it turns out, however, some foods that we think are healthy breakfast stapes are actually terrible to eat on an empty stomach.

Even those of us with the sturdiest stomachs can see long-term negative effects on our health by eating the following 10 foods first thing in the morning. But don’t fret! We also have 10 foods that are okay to eat right after getting out of bed. While you might have to trade in a breakfast favorite or two, there are plenty of delicious alternatives.

1. Yogurt and other fermented milk products form hydrochloric acid in an empty stomach. Over time, this can disrupt your gut’s natural bacteria system.

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2. Pastries and donuts are high in yeast, which can irritate the stomach and cause gas. Not to mention they contain a ton of sugar, which brings us to our next point.

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Is It Pet Food Or Baby Food?

Can you tell the difference?

Jenny Chang/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet Food
    2. Baby Food

    It’s Beech-Nut Classics’ Chicken & Chicken Broth
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Gerber Graduates Lil’ Meat Sticks
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Natural Balance’s Pawpaya Pilaf
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Gerber Graduates’ Yellow Rice & Chicken with Vegetables
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Old Mother Hubbard’s Fruit-Ins Dog Snacks
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Hills’ Savory Chicken Entrée
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Earth’s Best’s Vegetable Beef Pilaf
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Gerber Graduates’ Puffs Cereal Snack
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Purina’s Beef & Cheese Entrée
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Gerber Graduates’ Pasta Stars in Meat Sauce

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Charlie Bear’s Dog Treats
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Nature’s Recipe’s Lamb, Rice & Barley Stew
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Baby Mum-Mum’s Rice Rusks
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Iams Woof Delights’ Hearty Party of Chicken & Beef Stew
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

    1. Pet food
    2. Baby food

    It’s Gerber Graduates’ Creamy Chicken Stew with Vegetables
    Macey Foronda/BuzzFeed

Is It Pet Food Or Baby Food?

3. Bon Appétit!

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Here Are 28 Vegetables That Look Like People… Or Maybe 28 People That Look Like Vegetables. I Dunno.

Think vegetables are boring? That they’re always the same? Well you’re wrong and these vegetables are (living) proof. At some point growing up, they had a dream. A dream where they wouldn’t look like just any other radish, potato, or other vegetable. They wanted to be unique (and maybe avoid our dinner tables), and their dreams came true.

1. Looks like you missed a toe there Mr. Potato.

2. Is this radish getting a little too cocky for you?

3. “AHH…He’s got a knife!”

4. This strawberry really wants to be a teddy bear. He told me so.

5. It’s like half carrot, half Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!

6. Whoa Mr. Eggplant… hugs are NOT encouraged.

7. So a radish and a carrot get into a hot tub…

8. Goose issues.

9. The devil is in the… tomato?

10. Looks like he has a bone to pick with that wannabe strawberry bear from earlier.

11. Pinocchio’s got nothing on this eggplant.

12. Yes, this IS a duck gourd. How could you tell?

13. Potato bares all…

14. Run radish…RUN!

15. It’s like the healthy version of Peeps.

16. These potatoes HEART you.

17. How yoooou doin’?

18. Nice heimlich maneuver!

19. What’s up with all these touchy feely carrots?

20. Cue evil laugh.

21. I LOVE PENGUINS. I think this potato must have known that.

22. You’ve got to hand it to this carrot.

23. This fleece flower root apparently wants to be a witch doctor.

24. “I’ll get you my pretty… and your little dog too!”

25. This eggplant is entirely too solemn.

26. The sheep goes… BAAAHHH.

27. This tomato is working too hard on his duck face.

28. Adrian!!!

(via: distractify) Something tells me that green pepper is going to be hearing from Stallone’s copyright lawyers pretty soon. Don’t you think? 🙂

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18 Instagram Accounts That Will Inspire You To Live Your Best Life

Because 2015 is the year you’ll stick to your resolutions.

1. Nicole Warne – @garypeppergirl


Nicole runs the amazing Gary Pepper Girl blog and seems to have the coolest life ever. Though she originally hails from Australia, her Instagram will take you all over the world, inspiring your next adventure and showcasing the coolest travel spots from around the globe.

2. Jess Robinson – @lazygirlfit


Jess is a trainer who focuses on short and simple workouts that anyone can do with very basic equipment. Her Insta is filled with inspirational quotes, exercise demonstrations, and delicious-looking healthy food.

3. Jessica Stein – @tuulavintage


Named after the Finnish word for wind (‘tuula’), this Instagram is about wanderlust and wardrobe, and will inspire you to open your eyes to the beauty of the world we live in. Jessica is a style blogger who exudes effortless chic at all times.

4. Erica Domesek- @psimadethis


Literally everything on this Instagram is something that you can MAKE yourself. From bags to skirts and shoes to jewellery, P.S. I Made This is a perfect place for anyone who’s always dreamed of being crafty but has no idea how.

5. Loni Jane – @lonijane


Loni is possibly one of the healthiest people on Instagram, and is all about raw, vegan food without compromising taste. Her huge salad bowls will never fail to make your mouth water and her constant stream of photos will inspire you to embrace a wholesome diet.

6. National Geographic Travel – @natgeotravel


We all know about National Geographic, but did you know that they have a kick-ass travel Instagram account? Their photographers visit every corner of the globe, showing us some of the coolest places we wouldn’t ever know about otherwise.

7. Valerie – @biggalyoga


Valerie proves to us all that anyone can do yoga and look damn fine in the process. Her Instagram offers daily yoga challenges for beginners, and is all about having fun and loving yourself.

8. Hamish Blake – @hamishblakeshotz


If you like looking at photos of cute babies (and please, who doesn’t?), then Hamish is the guy to follow. This Aussie comedian will have you laughing with every pic he uploads, which isn’t only limited to his son’s adorable costumes.

9. Levo League – @levoleague


Levo League is a community of young professionals, and their Instagram account is all about inspiration and daily photos which will make you smile.

10. Jamie Milne and Greta Epstein – @cleaneatz


This Insta is just a huge amount of food porn which won’t leave you feeling guilty. It’ll have you craving a huge, fresh salad or a delicious sweet potato loaded up with veggies.

11. Jordan Ferney- @ohhappyday


This charming Instagram account is packed with amazing DIYs and cute home decorating ideas. It’ll have you itching to try out all of of the fun and colourful projects on offer.

12. David Frenkiel- @gkstories


Photos from this Instagram just make you want to move to a farm and eat delicious food for the rest of your life. Focusing on homely, nourishing meals, David and his family will take you on a food journey that you’ll never want to unfollow.

13. Beardoblack – @beardoblack


This man has the most glorious beard in the world, and can pull off a suit like no one else. His Insta is just a huge inspiration for pretty much every man ever.

14. Miann Scanlan – @miannscanlan


This Instagram is all about chilling out and finding your inner zen. A mix of peaceful beach shots and muted colours, Miann sends out peaceful vibes and happiness through her photos.

15. Chloe Morello- @chloemorello


This makeup vlogger from Sydney frequently updates her Instagram account with makeup tutorials, inspiration, and snaps of her daily life. Her detailed how-tos also include specific examples of makeup suggestions for different skin tones.

16. Teresa Cutter – @teresacutter_healthychef


This is the perfect selection of recipes and food inspo for anyone who has a sweet tooth but still wants to feel healthy. It is a delicious mix of beautiful food shots and inspired dishes using super fresh ingredients.

17. Manal – @naildecor


Nail polish grams are always awesome, but this particular artist uploads detailed video tutorials of all her colourful creations. They may look intricate and confronting, but most of the designs are actually a lot easier than they seem.

18. Apartment Therapy – @apartmenttherapy


Everyone goes through the phase of wanting to completely revamp your whole home, but sometimes it’s really not that easy to decide on what you want. Apartment Therapy provides heaps of awesome ideas for all different types of abodes.

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This Is What Breakfast Looks Like In 22 Countries Around The World

The best meal of the day. Inspired by these Quora threads.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. Eastern China

Flickr: seeminglee / Via Creative Commons

According to Quora user Zhu-Zixin, a typical breakfast in eastern China can include items like dumplings, rice in vegetable soup, fried sponge cake, steamed creamy custard bun, and porridge.

2. Guyana

Quora user Britt Smith explains that a typical breakfast in Guyana is bake and saltfish. Saltfish is whitefish preserved in salt, and bake is bread dough, fried.

3. Iran

Flickr: kamshots Creative Commons

Quora user Soheil Hassas Yeganeh writes that in Iran a typical breakfast consists of sweet black tea, bread, butter, feta cheese, and sometimes fresh fruit and nuts.

4. France

Quora user Sarah-Je notes that a French breakfast includes
tea, coffee, juice, or hot chocolate, with bread and butter or pastries.

“We only eat sweet food, nothing with salt (no meat, no eggs, unlike people from the UK or USA for example)”, she adds.

5. Japan

quora.com / Via Flickr: triplexpresso Creative Commons

According to Quora user Makiko Itoh, Japanese breakfasts fall into two categories: Wafuu (traditional) and youfuu (Western).

A typical Wafuu breakfast has rice, fish, miso soup, sticky soy beans, and nori seaweed. A typical youfuu breakfast has buttered toast, eggs, coffee, and potato salad.

6. Poland

Quora user Anat Penini writes that a traditional Polish breakfast is scrambled eggs topped with kielbasa (a sausage) and potato pancakes.

7. Southern India

Flickr: mynameisharsha / Via Creative Commons

Quora user Jared Zimmerman says that a common South Indian breakfast is idli and sambar, a vegetable stew served with steamed lentil and rice bread. Also popular is dosa, a thin crunchy crepe with a spicy potato filling.

8. Italy

Italian Quora user Eugenio Casagrande writes that a typical breakfast consists of a cup of coffee with milk and a slice of bread.

9. Central India

Flickr: pankaj / Via Creative Commons

According to Quora user Jared Zimmerman, a typical breakfast in central India is uttapam. Uttapam is a thick pancake with vegetables, served with chutney.

10. Colombia

Quora user Daniel Rojas explains that a typical Colombian breakfast depends on the region.

However, a mixture of leftovers from the night before is common, as is soup or cereal.

11. Turkey

Flickr: mulazimoglu Creative Commons

In Turkey, Quora user John Burgess says, breakfast consists of cheese, olives, honey, jam, bread, an omelette, and fruit.

12. Brazil

Brazilian Quora user Larissa Porto notes that Pão de Queijo (bread cheese) is a common breakfast dish served with coffee.

13. The Phillipines

Flickr: sjsharktank Creative Commons

According to Quora user Katherine Cortes, a typical Philippine breakfast consists of bread rolls and coffee. Tapsilog (rice with dried meat and a fried egg) is also common.

14. Nigeria

Quora user Oyinda Kosemani writes that breakfast varies from tribe to tribe, but a typical Yoruba breakfast includes Ogi and Akara (cornmeal and bean cakes) and well as yam and fried eggs, and fried plantain.

15. Venuzuela

http://ttps://Flickr: aj Creative Commons

In Venezuela, Quora user Rowan Vasquez writes, a typical breakfast is an arepa, a flat corn cake. Arepas are filled with various things like cheese, ham, chicken, or fish.

He adds: “On weekends, Venezuelans might have a larger breakfast, consisting of black beans, savory shredded beef cooked with vegetables, white cheese, perico (eggs scrambled with vegetables), avocado, and an arepa.”

16. Cambodia

Quora user Sarah Rose Jensen notes that a typical breakfast in Cambodia is Kuy Teav, a rice noodle soup with meat and vegetables.

17. Lebanon

Flickr: kake_pugh / Via Creative Commons

According to Quora user Ehab Dahdouli, a popular breakfast in Lebanon is Manakish, a flatbread flavoured with za’atar and sometimes cheese, served with tomatoes.

18. Indonesia

Flickr: craige / Via Creative Commons

In Indonesia, Quora user Aso Saputra, writes that breakfast could be rice and fried fish, or fried rice and a fried egg (Nasi Goreng, above), or chicken porridge.

19. Pakistan

Nihari is a typical breakfast dish in Pakistan, Quora user Ali Abbas explains. It’s a spicy meat curry, served with naan.

He adds, “Halwa Poori: This is considered as a classic “Sunday” breakfast and is very heavy. It generally consists of ‘poori’, halwa (sweet), and a curry (beans or potato). It is very common to see people in large number gathering at famous places for this Sunday morning breakfast. Often queues are formed outside shops an hour before they start serving.”

20. Morocco

Flickr: eryoni Creative Commons

According to Quora user Ahmed Bouchfaa, breakfast in Morocco is generally sweet, featuring bread, honey, olives, and dates, as well as Turkish coffee and mint tea.

21. Israel

Flickr: imnewtryme / Via Creative Commons

Shakshuka is a popular breakfast dish in Israel, according to Quora user Denise Aptekar. It consists of eggs poached in a tomato sauce.

She adds, “The classic Israeli breakfast (in cafes and hotels) comes with cheese, omelette, tuna, olives, bread and butter/jams, salad and spreads.”

22. UK

Flickr: garydenness / Via Creative Commons

A fry-up, whether it’s a full English, full Scottish, or an Ulster fry. For more full English facts, click here.

Bonus! A video of breakfasts around the world.

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