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His Owner Wasn’t Getting A Good Workout, So This Pup Decided To Change That — LOL

They say you should always exercise with a buddy, however I’m not sure the rules apply to our furry friends.

Trying to show off for the camera, this athletic dog owner begins a set of push-ups, completing just nine before his doggy best friend decides he wants in on the action. Completely unprovoked, this exercise fanatic pup hops onto his owner’s shoulders to add a bit more weight to each completed push-up.

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That’s definitely not helping, bud.

So much for getting a good workout in before dinner.

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14 Exercises That Will Get You In Good Shape…And Improve Your Sex Life

Everyone wants to be fit and healthy, whether they care to admit it or not. One of the main reasons why people want to get in shape, lose weight, or get healthier is to make life a little easier for themselves and the people they love. It also helps in the romance department, if you know what I mean.

Something that’s important to many people is having a good sex life. But did you know that there are simple exercises out there that will improve all of that? If that sounds appealing to you, you’ll definitely want to keep reading.

1. Pushups

Pushups will help you gain the stability and strength you’ll need to hold yourself up during sex. They work the chest, shoulders, triceps, and all of the muscles in your core, which are all necessary when it comes to having great sex.

2. Squats

Having strong legs means that you can hold yourself (and possibly your partner) up for long periods of time. Squats work the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves.

3. Bridges

Bridges are great for opening up your hips. Having stiff hips isn’t conducive to having awesome sex, so you’ll want to make sure that they are free and open. Bridges will also work your calves, glutes, and abs.

4. Stability Ball Crunches

This exercise is a core-training staple. If you do some crunches while balancing on a large ball like this, you’ll be able to work your abs, obliques, and even the muscles in your back. You’ll be stable and ready for anything if you improve your core.

5. Lunges

Lunges work your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. They also open up your hip flexors, and we already know why that’s a big deal.

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6. Straddles

This is more of a stretch than an exercise, but you can’t beat strengthening your lower back and loosening up your hips at the same time.

7. Back Bends

Back bends improve flexibility in your back, but they also work out your shoulders, glutes, wrists, and ankles. Those last few joints go overlooked sometimes, but trust me, you’ll want to keep your wrists and ankles flexible.

8. Inchworms

These loosen up your entire body and help improve overall flexibility over time.

9. V-Sits

This move requires a lot of power in your hips and core muscles, but if you can perform v-sits, it will vastly improve your sex life.

10. Plié Squats

This version is a simple spin on the old standby that will target your hips and glutes in a totally new way.

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11. Planks

Planks are essential to any core exercise routine. It’s important for you to be able to hold yourself up while having sex, and this exercise will help you do that.

12. Reclined Butterfly

While this is also a stretch, it is essential for improving hip flexibility and strength.

13. Lying Leg Raises

These are great for improving core strength and stability.

14. Hollow Body Hold

This hold will work your core and hips incredibly hard while stretching out your back, which is often injured during sex.

(via Women’s Health / Livestrong / Men’s Health)

If you want to have better sex, I suggest you start taking some notes on these exercises. It looks like they require a lot of core strength, stability, and hip flexibility. If you learn to target those areas of the body, you’ll be able to have the sex that you’ve always dreamed of.

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Are You Too Lazy To Be In Shape? Well Buddy, These Exercises Are For You.

Recently, there has been a push towards a healthier and more fit society. Some people have hopped on board, joined gyms, and have gotten the shredded bodies of their dreams.

Some of us are less motivated. For the lazier workout fiends, here are some exercise tips to keep you fit from home. As it turns out, you don’t have to be addicted to Crossfit in order to achieve your fitness goals.

You can perform these 16 exercises without any equipment. In fact, you don’t even need weights… all you need is yourself.

1.) Jumping Jacks – Cardio, Whole Body

2.) Marching In Place – Cardio, Legs

3.) Tricep Dips – Triceps

4.) Hip Bridge – Glutes, Legs

5.) Desk Push Up – Chest, Triceps, Core

6.) Plank – Core, Abs

7.) Boat – Core, Abs

8.) Elevated Feet Push Up – Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Core

9.) Lunges – Legs, Glutes

10.) Tricep Extensions – Triceps (can use any object, it doesn’t need to be a kettlebell)

11.) Glute Kickback – Glutes

12.) Crunches – Abs

13.) Curls – Biceps

14.) Wall Sits – Legs and Glutes

15.) Calf Raises – Calfs

16.) Body Weight Squats – Legs, Glutes, Lower Back

I broke a sweat just writing this post. 

These are the kinds of exercises every person should know how to do. Just because you don’t have a gym membership, it doesn’t mean you have to be out of shape.

If you want to get in shape at home in the laziest way possible, share this post with all of your lazy fitness freaks. [EDITOR’S NOTE] Can confirm that Joe is, in fact, lazy.

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11 Reasons Why Running Is Not As Good For You As You Might Think

Running is an incredibly simplistic form of exercise. All you need is some jogging clothes and a pair of shoes and you’re off. It’s a go-to for a lot of people who are trying to lose weight and work up a sweat.

But running may not be as good for you as you think. There are a lot of dangers associated with running that you might not even know about. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should probably pump the breaks on jogging.

1. Running is a high-impact exercise that can do a number on your joints and ligaments. Once you wear that cartilage away, you can’t get it back.

2. If you run on sidewalks and roads, you are putting yourself at risk for joint damage because of the hard landing your body has to endure with every step.

3. Other forms of exercise are far more effective than running in terms of burning calories and boosting your heart rate, and they don’t kill your joints. Swimming, rowing, and even weightlifting can burn more calories than jogging.

4. You can burn more calories in a shorter amount of time with those other forms of exercise. Plus, they’ll help you build muscle.

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5. If you are running for cardiovascular exercise, you could be doing more harm than good. People who are hardcore runners have been known to suffer from arterial plaque buildup and inflammation of the heart.

6. Because of all the stress you put on your body while running, it really wears you out. If you do this every day, your muscles won’t heal properly.

7. If you run outdoors, it can get pretty hot. It might make you want to take your shirt off. Well, running for long periods of time in the hot sun increases your risk of getting skin cancer, so be sure to put some sunblock on when you’re out there.

8. Taking a brisk walk can be just as effective when it comes to burning calories and losing fat.

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9. Your vertebrae get jammed together with every running step you take, and that can cause a lot of discomfort down the line.

10. One study found that people who run every day for many miles have the same life expectancy as those who don’t jog at all. This is because the heart is compromised by the large amount of stress that running puts on the body.

11. Take a look at long distance runners’ bodies and then take a look at the bodies of gymnasts. If you’re more into the sculpted look, try gymnastics, yoga, weightlifting, CrossFit, MMA, and exercises like that. Running alone will not get you there.

There you have it, folks! There are obviously many benefits when it comes to running, but the activity comes with its fair share of risks. How will you broaden your fitness horizons?

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She Lost 145 Pounds And Had The Last Laugh When Her Haters Tried To Date Her

Who hasn’t wanted to lose a little weight at one point or another?

Every year, I promise myself that I will achieve my optimal weight, but soon enough, Cheetos, soft drinks, and late-night Netflix binges worm their way back in. Losing weight takes serious dedication, perseverance, and above all, time. It’s not something that happens overnight, especially when you’re talking about dropping as much as 145 pounds.

Taking a look at these two photos side by side, you’d never guess that they were of the same woman.

However, both are 23-year-old Emma Pope from San Marcos, Texas. After deciding to pursue a career in medicine, she lost an astonishing 145 pounds through hard work and clean eating.

Her decision to lose weight was a long time coming. For year, bullies taunted her, calling her “fat girl” and even telling her to get off the court during a volleyball game.

As much as the cruel words made Pope desperate for change, she knew her journey to health would not be successful unless it came from within.

Instead of her daily diet of pizza and pasta, she started eating plenty of protein and grains. Of course, she added plenty of fruits and veggies to the mix, too!

She also works out a ton. On average, Pope hits the gym four times a week and consumes only 2,000 calories per day.

The results have been absolutely life changing. She told The Daily Mail, “I’ve had messages from guys telling me they are sorry for what they said to me…I doubt they are apologizing out of the kindness of their hearts. There’s definitely an ulterior motive, so any attempts to flirt with me, I reject them immediately.”

Haters aside, Pope is happier and healthier. She recently told her followers on Instagram, “Wanting to be a better, healthier person is what fueled my fire. Having people bully me and then turn around and apologize years later after seeing how successful my life turned out was just the cherry on top. If I can do it, anyone can.”

You go, girl!

If you need me, I’ll be at the gym.

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If You Don’t Do These Things In The Morning, You’re Setting Yourself Up For Failure

If you’re like me, your morning routine looks a little something like this:

Within the first hour after waking up, I’ve usually hit the snooze button at least once, gotten my daily exercise by trudging down the stairs, opted out of eating breakfast, showered, gotten dressed, and before the hour’s up, I’m out the door and on my way to starting the day. Probably not the healthiest of morning routines, but in my defense, I’m usually still mentally asleep at this point.

But according to the managing director of CV-Library, Lee Biggins, that first hour of the day can be the most crucial in achieving a productive and successful workflow. “When it comes to staying productive and setting yourself up for a successful day, it’s important to make sure that you’re energized and focused on what you want to accomplish,” Biggins confirmed. Here are some tips you can use to get the most out of your mornings.

1. Get in some pre-work exercise.


While you may dread working out at any hour of the day, working out first thing before work can help clear the mind and reduce stress levels. This work out can include a morning jog, yoga, pilates, or weight training.

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2. Eat a healthy breakfast.


They don’t call breakfast the most important meal of the day for nothing. By properly fueling your body, you can boost both your energy levels and allow your focus and workflow to reach their fullest potential. A high-vitamin, high-fiber diet should do the trick.

3. Clear out your inbox.


Clearing your email and voicemail inboxes first thing in the morning can allow you to prioritize the important tasks and save time later.

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4. Determine your goals for the day.

Getty Images

Once you’ve gone through your inbox, the time has come to set a list of goals for the day. It helps to accomplish your goals, if you have a clear mindset of what exactly you wish to accomplish during the day.

5. Create a prioritized to-do list.


Once you’ve set your goals, the obvious next step is to prioritize these goals into tasks that need to be completed. I’ve always found that a to-do list helps me stay focused and also serves as a visual progress aid.

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Aside from my love of to-do lists, I’ve been going about my mornings in all the wrong ways. I wish someone would have told me sooner I was this bad at adulting.

(via Daily Mail)

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How To Create The Perfect Workout Playlist (According To Science)

Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

If you’ve ever struggled through a silent workout because you left your headphones at home or felt a surge of energy when your favorite song comes on, you know that, when it comes to exercise, music matters.


Focus Features


Research has shown that listening to music while you work out can elevate mood and make exercise seem easier. One study even suggested that it may help moderate exercisers work harder.

Star Trac Fitness / Via youtube.com

The effects are so pronounced that when Dr. Costas Karageorghis, a leading expert on the psychology of exercise music, reviewed the research in 2012, he wrote that music could be thought of as “a type of legal performance-enhancing drug.”

Building a scientifically sound workout playlist, however, requires more than just setting your iPod to shuffle and pressing play.

Shaft / Via giphy.com

Here’s how to do it in just three easy steps:

1. Decide if you want to move in time with the music.

There is some disagreement about the benefits of using music synchronously during exercise — some studies say it improves efficiency, others say it makes no difference. Either way, there are plenty of people who like to move with their music. It’s particularly useful when you’re doing cardio (running, elliptical, cycling, etc.).

If you’re a runner who’d like to try synchronous running, start by determining your stride rate. That sounds complicated but all you need to do is count your steps for a minute while running at a comfortable pace. If you want to be fancy, do it several times and average the results. Once you’ve found your stride rate, you need to find music with a comparable number of beats per minute (BPM). For example, if you take 150 steps per minute, you’ll want to listen to music with approximately 150 BPM.

Don’t know the BPM of your favorite tunes? There are plenty of sites that can help! You can look up the BPM of almost any song using SongBPM.com or, if you’d prefer to search by speed instead of song, Jog.fm has a large database of popular songs organized by BPM. The app RockMyRun is another great resource.

If this sounds like a lot of work — don’t worry. You’ll still get a boost even if you don’t sync your movements to the music.

2. Opt for tunes with a strong, energizing rhythm, uplifting melodies, and inspirational lyrics.

There’s a reason fitness playlists are light on the Elliott Smith — you’re more likely to push yourself if the music you’re listening to is upbeat and energetic. Shocking, I know. While what qualifies as “upbeat and energetic” varies from person to person, the criteria for a scientifically sound workout jam do not. According to a 2011 study, here’s what you should listen for when assembling your playlist:

A strong, energizing rhythm: In order for a song to be properly motivating, it needs to be “up-tempo (> 120 bpm) and possess prominent percussive and rhythmical features.” If you are not using music synchronously, opt for music with a BPM between 120 and 145. Faster tempos do not appear to improve performance or motivation. If you can match rhythm of a song to the approximate movement patterns of your exercise, that also helps.

Mood-boosting melody and lyrics: Making you feel good about yourself is one of the ways music is most helpful during a workout, which is why you should choose tunes that promote “motivational imagery and self-talk.” While there hasn’t been a lot of research into the role lyrics play in inspiring exercisers, researchers believe songs that feature “affirmations of exercise or inspirational references drawn from popular culture” are particularly effective. Think “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift or “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen.

3. Structure your playlists like your workout.




You don’t start your workout at a sprint, so don’t start your playlists that way. According to a 2011 study, “music tempo should be selected with the expected exercise intensity in mind, and be sequenced to contour in accordance with changes in heart rate.” Gradually increasing the BPM as your heart rate increases will help you stay motivated, even if you’re not using music synchronously.

Additionally, research suggests you should pay attention to how your mix works as a whole. If you’re going to spend a half an hour on the treadmill, “consider the congruence of musical pieces that appear in close proximity ” and aim for cohesion. Abrupt changes in style or speed should be saved for transitions between exercises.

Finally, a quick word about safety.

Paramount Pictures / Via giphy.com

Don’t let listening to music distract you too much. Stay in tune with your body and environment. If your fitness playlist is going prevent you from hearing people or cars, turn it off. Surviving your workout is priority number one.

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This Disabled CrossFit Athlete Is An Absolute BEAST

CrossFit is one of the fastest-growing group exercise practices in the country, and the results people get from it are astounding. It combines speed, agility, and strength into a crazy-intense cardio workout that also aims to build lean muscle. People all over the U.S. are eager to get in on the action.

That includes the handicapped.

Lindsay Hilton, a disabled CrossFit athlete, shows that just about anyone can join in on the extreme exercise routines…

Watch as she totally crushes a workout.

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“One of our awesome adaptive athletes crushing 16.1!” —Jenny Mulock, CrossFit OnSide

Posted by CrossFit on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

But she’s not just amazing in the gym. She tackles each day with a passion for living.

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She’s an avid mountain climber…

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And she could probably take you to the cleaners in a game of rugby.

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Plenty of people have found inspiration from Hilton’s video, saying things like, “I’m lying here kinda depressed about my injury and then I see this amazing woman killin it and all my depression just melted away!” Another Facebook commenter said, “Lindsay, you are AMAZING!!!! There is no reason for anyone to say: ‘I can’t.’ …You are over the top with inspiration!!! Rock on!!!

Get out there and take life by the horns. If Hilton can do it, you can go and become the healthiest version of yourself too.

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What He Does With A Regular Tennis Ball Could Get Rid Of Your Lower Back Pain

It’s something that affects 60 to 80% of the U.S. adult population…lower back pain.

Treatment for some is as simple as getting a new mattress or exercising more, but for others, there’s a need to get surgery or costly massages.

If normal remedies haven’t worked for you, you might want to give this little trick a try. Grab a tennis ball and watch Manu Kalia, a physical therapist, walk you through a simple exercise for lower back pain.

Here’s another quick stretch routine.

You’d be surprised at how massaging your butt can affect your lower back. Everything in your body is connected and it’s important to listen to what your muscles and bones are telling you.

Of course if your pain persists or worsens, definitely consult a doctor.

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