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When People Believe Fake News, They Reach Peak Insanity And Do Crazy Things

If the radio adaptation of “The War of the Worlds” has taught us anything, it’s that you shouldn’t always believe the “news” you’re hearing.

Unfortunately, many are quick to trust false information without checking the legitimacy of the sources they’re getting it from. But mass panic isn’t the worst thing that can happen.

Twenty-eight-year-old Edgar Maddison Welch from Salisbury, North Carolina, became convinced that an online conspiracy theory was true after reading fake news stories that began surfacing last month before Election Day. According to “Pizzagate,” the Comet Ping Pong restaurant in Washington, D.C., its owner, and even Hillary Clinton and her former campaign manager were involved in a child sex-trafficking operation running out of the eatery.

Although the rumor is obviously false, that didn’t stop Welch from bringing an assault rifle to the pizzeria to “investigate” the matter.

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Watching This Dog’s Patience While A Lizard Crawls On His Face Is Hilarious

Adorable seven-year-old bulldog Yun Ja has inspired me to be a calmer, more patient person.

How did a silly bulldog make me want to change my ways? Well, it’s pretty simple, you see. When a green lizard hopped onto the short pup’s back unexpectedly, he didn’t freak out, running around trying to buck the reptile off his back (like many of us probably would have).

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No, instead, he sat there patiently waiting for the little guy to hop off and get on his merry way.

He does try to lick him off, but even those gestures are adorably gentle.

This is basically what I would have done had this happened to me.

So yeah, let’s all just learn to be a bit more chill, channeling Yun Ja.

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These Kids Aren’t Afraid To Dream Big, No Matter How Ridiculous Their Goals Are

It’s pretty much a guaranteed rite of passage as a kid that sooner or later, you’ll be asked by everyone you know what you want to be when you grow up. Well into my adult life, I still try to dodge the question, because in my eyes, I’m still a kid at heart.

But when it comes to dreams, discovering them at a young age can prove beneficial in turning the perhaps far-fetched goals into actual realities. I was always told that if you can dream it, you can do it. Let’s all repeat that mantra while we read these childhood dreams (and laugh hysterically)…

1. I wish he would have elaborated: hard shell or soft shell?

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2. Some dreams require more effort than others.

3. She has big dreams…of learning to multitask.

4. It’s the little things in life.

5. Warren just got real.

6. I still haven’t done this and I’m in my mid-20s.

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7. You can never have too much pizza.

8. I feel like there should be a protein in there, Alina.

9. Isn’t he the evil one from the third movie? At least be the good guy!

10. He dreams big.

11. Dollar dollar bills (and quarters), y’all.

12. I can see how this picture could be misleading.

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13. Before kicking butt in the real world, this kid wants to go for a test run in the world of video games.

14. From man to man’s best friend.

15. You and me both, kid.

16. I hear you — you get unlimited fries, right?

17. This kid’s so accomplished, he can already read with his eyes closed.

18. I totally can’t wait to accomplish that major milestone of turning 29…and cutting my own food.

19. Someone’s watched a few too many episodes of “Game of Thrones.”

20. I’m not sure these were quite the dreams Dr. King had in mind.

21. They do have good nachos…

22. This kid clearly has his priorities in order.

These kids are making me look bad. I really need to buckle down and get my life in order.

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Did You Know That Porcupines Make Adorable Noises? Just Watch This…

Teddy Bear, our favorite porcupine that loves Halloween and Christmas, is back with another adorable video.

This time, he’s been given a corn on the cob to enjoy on a beautiful summer evening. But don’t watch just to see him chow down on those golden nuggets. Instead, listen to what he has to say when his trainer tries to take away his treat.

I wish I got this attached to vegetables. I might make those noises when you try to take away my cake, but corn? Not so much.

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Not Everyone Can Park Perfectly, But These People Can’t Park At All…Wow

It’s pretty much a proven fact that most human beings are incapable of driving.

Unsurprisingly, these same human beings tend to be just as bad at parking. Finding a parking spot is difficult enough without these people wreaking their special brand of havoc on the world. And while most of us just ignore an annoying park job, some decide to write not-so-nice notes to let horrible parkers know just how much they disrupt society.

To honor the worst parkers in America and the revenge-seeking note writers that hate them, here are 29 horrid park jobs and confrontational notes that will make you exercise extreme caution the next time you’re pulling into a spot.

1. I certainly hope he wasn’t taking his permit test.

2. This office building has found a new way to celebrate disobedient parkers.

3. You know it’s real when someone has time to type out a note and include a diagram.

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4. I can’t even begin to list all the things wrong with this park job.

5. This driver forgot to read between the lines.

6. I don’t think that’s how handicap spaces are supposed to work.

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7. See Spot Park

8. You tried.

9. Who would even think of doing this?

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10. This brings a whole new meaning to the game four square.

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11. When all else fails, aim for below the belt.

12. The objective of parking isn’t to emulate a can of sardines.

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13. Congratulations, you suck!

14. Finding a spot in the snow can be difficult, but no worries, this tyke found a space (or two) for his bike.

15. People are idiots.

16. This guy’s been watching way too much “Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

17. Bad parking: not just for cars anymore.

18. You know what they say about guys who drive big trucks…they can’t park to save their lives.

19. This driver never learned how to follow simple directions.

20. So close.

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21. This is what happens when Mr. Potato Head can’t find a parking spot thanks to someone else’s horrible driving.

22. When there aren’t any spots, park in the driving lane.

23. This driver won’t take NO for an answer.

24. Parking lot Tetris

25. Monkey see, monkey do.

26. I hope he drove with those boots on, because who would boot a car parked like this?

27. Don’t make people doubt their grammar!

28. Anything you can do, I can do better.

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29. But no one takes out their parking aggressions quite like this man:

With people like these on the road, I think I’ll stick to public transit.

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He May Be Bulky, But This Guy Can Perform Amazing Acrobatic Feats

If you go to the gym and you want to get extremely muscular, you know that sacrifices must be made. First, you need to hit the gym extremely hard. Beyond that, you need to eat a certain way in order to make those muscles pop. What people fail to consider, however, is that increasing flexibility is crucial when you want to get jacked.

Jon Call is a man who is trying to increase awareness of the third thing on that list. He is an amazingly strong man, but he hasn’t sacrificed any of his flexibility.

The 29-year-old Alabama native gained massive popularity after being featured in a Taco Bell commercial recently.

His feats of strength and flexibility are insane.

He started training in the martial art of taekwondo when he was 13, and at age 14, he started lifting weights at the local gym.

When he was 15, he decided that he wanted to get more flexible to help him excel in martial arts. His ultimate goal back then was to perform full splits.

He refers to his acrobatic stunts as “tricking,” and he practices multiple times a week.

His diet consists of 6 meals a day. They’re all high in protein and carbs, and low in fat. Rice, chicken breasts, steamed vegetables, potatoes, and onions are his favorites.

When he’s not amazing people with his awesome stunts, he works as a manager for a small biotechnology group. He also trains other people who want to get in shape.

You can check out his website Acrobolix if you want to learn more about these training methods.

(via Acrobolix)

Jon Call’s Instagram page is full of funny and amazing clips of him working out and tricking. If you want to adopt this lifestyle one day, Call should be your go-to guy.

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Their Dog Needed To Get Some Exercise, So They Put Him On A Treadmill…And LOL.

Sometimes the simplest things in life make us smile the most, and this video certainly fits the bill. When this bulldog’s parents set up a treadmill in the house to supplement his walking routine, he couldn’t contain his excitement.

Dogs love walks, but this little nugget has a special place in his heart for a good workout.

Let’s just hope that he lets his humans use the treadmill every now and then. Share the wealth, buddy!

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This Disabled CrossFit Athlete Is An Absolute BEAST

CrossFit is one of the fastest-growing group exercise practices in the country, and the results people get from it are astounding. It combines speed, agility, and strength into a crazy-intense cardio workout that also aims to build lean muscle. People all over the U.S. are eager to get in on the action.

That includes the handicapped.

Lindsay Hilton, a disabled CrossFit athlete, shows that just about anyone can join in on the extreme exercise routines…

Watch as she totally crushes a workout.

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“One of our awesome adaptive athletes crushing 16.1!” —Jenny Mulock, CrossFit OnSide

Posted by CrossFit on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

But she’s not just amazing in the gym. She tackles each day with a passion for living.

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She’s an avid mountain climber…

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And she could probably take you to the cleaners in a game of rugby.

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Plenty of people have found inspiration from Hilton’s video, saying things like, “I’m lying here kinda depressed about my injury and then I see this amazing woman killin it and all my depression just melted away!” Another Facebook commenter said, “Lindsay, you are AMAZING!!!! There is no reason for anyone to say: ‘I can’t.’ …You are over the top with inspiration!!! Rock on!!!

Get out there and take life by the horns. If Hilton can do it, you can go and become the healthiest version of yourself too.

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