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Watching This Dog’s Patience While A Lizard Crawls On His Face Is Hilarious

Adorable seven-year-old bulldog Yun Ja has inspired me to be a calmer, more patient person.

How did a silly bulldog make me want to change my ways? Well, it’s pretty simple, you see. When a green lizard hopped onto the short pup’s back unexpectedly, he didn’t freak out, running around trying to buck the reptile off his back (like many of us probably would have).

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No, instead, he sat there patiently waiting for the little guy to hop off and get on his merry way.

He does try to lick him off, but even those gestures are adorably gentle.

This is basically what I would have done had this happened to me.

So yeah, let’s all just learn to be a bit more chill, channeling Yun Ja.

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His Owner Wasn’t Getting A Good Workout, So This Pup Decided To Change That — LOL

They say you should always exercise with a buddy, however I’m not sure the rules apply to our furry friends.

Trying to show off for the camera, this athletic dog owner begins a set of push-ups, completing just nine before his doggy best friend decides he wants in on the action. Completely unprovoked, this exercise fanatic pup hops onto his owner’s shoulders to add a bit more weight to each completed push-up.

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That’s definitely not helping, bud.

So much for getting a good workout in before dinner.

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Cross-Country Team Went For Their Morning Run…With Some Adorable Companions

It’s a rare treat for many rescue dogs to get to run around and play with other pooches…or even interact with humans. Most of the time, they’re kept in small, cramped kennels while they await their forever family’s arrival.

But that doesn’t mean the dogs don’t need — and crave — attention from the outside world. Not only does it help them to become properly socialized, it also ensures that the dogs are healthy thanks to the much-needed exercise.

That’s why what the St. Joseph High School Cross-Country team did for a bunch of shelter dogs is especially sweet. They go out on frequent morning runs…but just the other day, they decided to bring some new friends along for the fun.

First, they went to the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter to pair each runner with an adoptable dog!

Then they were off for a few miles of running near the shelter!

Clearly, not all of them are in peak shape, but that’s what makes this so sweet! They’re all so happy to be outside, even if they can’t keep up with the athletic joggers.

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