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This Is What You Want During A Doomsday Scenario. Just Wait Til You See The Inside… OMG.

When (technically, “if”) the zombie apocalypse occurs, a safe mode of transportation will be vital for getting your loved ones to safety. Luckily, Mercedes-Benz is already all over that problem you’ll face during the end of the world. Meet the Mercedes Hunter X6, a custom-built rugged off-roading vehicle that can handle almost anything the elements (or zombies) will dish out. Not only that, but you will look extremely cool while you protect the family and friends you’ll make during the apocalypse.

It’s a super-luxury defense vehicle.

Mercedes Benz

The X6 Hunter has a 6×6 drive train and can keep approximately 6 people safe.

Mercedes Benz

Not only can it handle just about anything, but it looks so great while it does it.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Basically, everything you could ever want is included in this mobile safehouse.

Mercedes Benz

It’s no tank, but it can certainly keep your family safe and dry.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Off-roading through the woods would be a cinch, too.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

The inside of the Hunter might be one of the classiest survival vehicles you’ll see.

Mercedes Benz

It’s actually fancier than most recreational vehicles.

Mercedes Benz

Inside there is a full security system with cameras.

Mercedes Benz

When you need protection, the Hunter offers it.

Mercedes Benz

But I really can’t stress enough just how nice this luxury off-roading vehicle is.

Mercedes Benz

It’s spacious and safe.

Mercedes Benz

It wouldn’t take a zombie apocalypse to convince me to live in here.

Mercedes Benz

You could argue that finding a safe spot and staying there is a better idea during the apocalypse, but hitting a moving target is hard. It’s even harder for the walking corpses that will be attacking during the zombie breakout. Obviously, spending your nest egg on a Mercedes-Benz Hunter now is a wonderful idea. It’s better than investing, because you’ll be investing in your future. (Feel free to use that line when your spouse is angrily asking why you just spent thousands of dollars on a zombie protection vehicle.) If you love your friends, share this article with them. They need to know about this awesome survival vehicle.

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What This Guy Did Is Probably The Most Ridiculous Thing I’ve Ever Seen. But I Can’t Stop Laughing.

What you’re about to see is possibly the craziest and funniest thing you’ll see all year. Mr. Sebuyama, a blogger for a Japanese humor website called Omocoro, recently published these hilarious pictures of himself wearing nothing but a pink sweater. The pictures were a part of a satirical article/guide he wrote about an ingenious idea he had on how someone could keep warm and not spend any money on electricity simply by wearing nothing but a pink sweater-bodysuit. So with out further ado, here’s Sebuyama’s guide to staying warm in the winter:

Hello, I’m Sebuyama. Day after day this severe cold continues, so how can people cope? Take me for example: I don’t have money to buy any clothes, so even indoors I’m left shivering from the cold.

If you’re one of the millions like me who think, ‘I don’t want to rely on a heater, but all I have is a single pink sweater,’ then my investigative report will show you what to do.

1) Put your legs through the sleeves of the sweater.

2) Put your upper body through the large bottom hole of the sweater.

The trick is to fold your body into half so it will fit inside an article of clothing designed for half your body.

3) You’ll find your head is approaching the neck-hole of the sweater just as if you were putting it on normally.

4) Just keep pushing your head through until…You’re done!

Once fully inserted into the sweater, you’ll find your once shiver-inducing room has become your personal tropical cabana! The combination of curling your body up into a ball and the sweater provides an unprecedented level of warmth using a minimum of resources.

Now you needn’t worry about keeping up with your utility bills or whatever horrors global warming decides to unleash next. You can even continue with your work as usual, but now in warmth.

Sebuyama next took his invention out for a field test, because keeping warm indoors is all well and good but we’re busy people with lives to lead out in the world. Won’t curling ourselves up into a single sweater interfere with that?

Here he comes!

Clearly a bit of an unusual sight, but let’s not let that distract us from the field test.

The single sweater continued to keep him warm despite the chilling wind and damp asphalt.

Clearly, it was harder for him to walk in this way but that only burns more calories and keeps you warm by doing exercise.

Sebuyama buys a baked sweet potato (yakiimo) for 100 yen at a local produce shop for the next step in his test, to see how easy it is to eat while looking like a turkey-man.

This little square is a good enough place to relax and eat his yakiimo.

At first, Sebuyama found an issue in his new body-warming technique. He was unable to bend any further than he already had to pass the sweet potato to his mouth. To make matters worse, a pigeon started eyeing his snack.

Things were looking grim for the field test but then he remembered he still had fully functioning hands to eat his potato with. All was well again.

Sebuyama says he was both impressed with how warm he kept and how friendly everyone in town was to him. Some people even asked him for an autograph.

There you have it. If all you’ve got to wear is a single sweater, then you now have the tools to manage even the worst winter Mother Nature can throw at you.

And to think, during this unusually cold winter all I needed to stay warm and cosy was a pink sweater…well, and a whole lot of courage too. Source: Omocoro (Original Japanese article) / RocketNews24 (for English translations) Share Sebuyama’s winter warming guide with your friends below.

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I Had No Idea That These Fruit And Vegetables Grew This Way. How Bizarre.

Considering how easy it is for one to go out to the store and buy ripe fruit from parts of the world they themselves may never see, it’s no wonder most of us don’t know what certain fruits and vegetables look like when they’re growing. It’s surprisingly jarring to discover how some of these come to be–it’s like finding out what a celebrity looked like as a kid, then learning that they grew up in a tree instead of a house. Something like that. You’ll see!

1.) Pineapples grow on the ground.

2.) Brussels sprouts grow on stalks.

3.) Watermelons grow on ground-level vines.

4.) Strawberries grow from flowers.

5.) Bananas grow on the flower of an extremely big plant.

6.) Artichokes grow as flowers.

7.) Pomegranates grow on trees.

8.) Chickpeas grow in fuzzy pods.

9.) Kiwis grow on vines.

10.) Olives grow on trees.

(via BuzzFeed)

Wait! What? These don’t just appear in Safeway? That’s so crazy! Next thing I know you’ll be telling me that chickens aren’t born as nuggets, right?

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