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24 Abandoned Houses From Around The World That Are Beyond Creepy

If you’re into urban exploration, then chances are you’ve found some pretty cool abandoned buildings on your travels.

And you’ve most likely discovered a decrepit house that made you feel a little uneasy at some point. I’ve always wanted to experience that for myself, but after seeing all the unsettling homes below, I’m more than happy to limit my experience to looking at photos.

Prepare to get the chills when you feast your eyes on these examples of urban decay from around the world.

1. Nothing is foreboding about this Slovenian home at all…

2. Not exactly welcoming, am I right?

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3. This house in Detroit, Michigan, looks like it came straight out of a horror movie.

4. This house in Denmark looks like it belongs to a witch.

5. The vulture sitting on the roof really doesn’t make me feel good.

6. I’m convinced that this farmhouse is haunted.

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7. Okay, this one may be creepy, but it’s also stunning.

8. What’s creepy about this isn’t so much the house itself, but the mannequins hanging out on the porch.

9. I’m not going anywhere near this Floridian horror.

10. And I’m going to avoid Ohio, too.

11. This ghoulish home is in Scotland.

12. I wouldn’t go there in the daytime, let alone at night!

13. I guess I can cross Ontario off my list.

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14. This Turkish home makes me want to run far, far away.

15. Don’t go to Seneca State Park in Maryland unless you want to be totally freaked out.

16. I’m afraid to ask what’s inside this house in Ontario, Canada.

17. The Bennett School for Girls in New York isn’t exactly a house, but it’s definitely unsettling enough for this list.

18. Although it’s beautiful, this Scottish home is not on my list of places to visit.

19. I have a suspicion that the inside of this Pennsylvania house is way more disturbing than the outside.

20. The following mess in Coldwater, Michigan, is totally “Blair Witch Project” material.

21. I feel like Freddy Krueger might be hanging out in there.

22. I’m sure that this Russian mansion is full of untold horrors.

23. And this Hawaiian home looks like it has more than a few disturbing secrets.

24. Here’s why I prefer living in a city.

I applaud you brave urban explorers out there, but after all of that creepiness, I won’t be joining you. I just can’t risk running into this.

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Nature Is Eating This Abandoned House Little By Little. It’s Eerily Awesome.

A Reddit user and his friend were walking through the woods when they happened upon an abandoned house, barely visible as it peeked out from behind overgrown shrubbery and vines. Its owner had long since died and no one moved in or cared for the house after his death. What they found inside was proof that when humans are gone, nature takes over.

Nobody had touched the house since the owner passed on. You could barely see it from the outside.

There was even a “No Trespassing” sign above the entrance.

Ivy had completely conquered the main door frame.

And the living room seemed to be mainly comprised of overgrown ivy as well.

There was water damage all over the house, like you see here in the living room.

Nature was slowly creeping in, taking over the structure.

The kitchen was at the mercy of the vines coming in through the windows.

All of the appliances were tossed and probably trashed.

Looking out from the garage.

The entrance to the creepy basement was NOT very welcoming.

Ahh, retro interior design.

Some of the upstairs rooms weren’t structurally sound, with the floors sagging.

Lots of of the walls had holes in them, presumably from vandals and thieves stealing wire.

There was also lots of trash stacked inside of the walls for some unknown reason.

The surrounding countryside was overtaking the house.

Which was almost a shame, because there were some positively cute aspects to the design.

A quick, terrifying shot of the basement.

Nature wins.

Mother Nature is a powerful force to be reckoned with, even if it takes her a little longer to win out in the end. Source: reddit.com We think you should share this if you were impressed by just how strong nature. No matter how long each of us are here for, the Earth will be here longer.

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