Scientists Found Tissue Remains In A Dino Bone...Could 'Jurassic Park' Be Real?

Scientists Found Tissue Remains In A Dino Bone…Could ‘Jurassic Park’ Be Real?

Hold onto your butts. In theory, a real “Jurassic Park” situation could be unfolding as we speak.

Actually recreating a dinosaur would be a long way off, but thanks to a 195-million-year-old dinosaur rib, it is theoretically possible. On January 31, scientists published their ground-breaking discovery in Nature Communications. Deep inside a fossilized rib bone, they believe they’ve found traces of collagen, protein, and possibly blood — the basic building blocks that it would take to clone a dinosaur.

Before you totally freak out, just know that the rib bone did not come from a “sharptooth.” Rather, the material was found in the rib bone of a Lufengosaurus, a common leaf-eater from the Early Jurassic period.

According to paleontologists, the Lufengosaurus looked something like this. They grew to be roughly 30 feet long and lived in what is now southwestern China.

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By analyzing a 195-million-year-old fossil with infrared spectoscopy, scientists have uncovered traces of soft tissue.

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