Meet The Curly Horse, A Breed That's Almost Too Cute To Exist

Meet The Curly Horse, A Breed That’s Almost Too Cute To Exist

This unique breed looks like an adorable sheep-horse hybrid — and it’s known as the curly horse.

They’re called Bashkir Curlies, American Bashkir Curlies, and North American Curly Horses. What sets them apart from other horses is their adorably fuzzy and curly coat of hair.

Hello, I’m fabulous.

Curlies are known for being gentle and intelligent horses.

They’re easily trained, have a tough constitution, and great stamina.

There’s a range of curly coat styles…

…from “minimal” to “extreme” (also known as OMG SO CUTE).

It’s like a little, wooly lamb was combined with the cutest foal ever.

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Most curly owners don’t brush out the coat and mane so that the curly perm is maintained.

However, those curls must be trimmed consistently or else they will turn into horse dreadlocks.

Curly horses, you stole my heart.

This is what their fuzzy, warm coat looks like up close.

How could any human resist the urge to snuggle with a horse that’s this adorable?

Because of their unique coat, curlies are thought to be the only hypoallergenic breed of horse.

According to research, curlies may be missing a protein in their hair that causes a typical allergic reaction.

(Although perhaps allergy sufferers are just distracted by their lovely locks.)

Hello, Mr. Fuzzybutt.

Wanna snuggle, cuddle beasts?

Some curly horses have kinky hair all over, while others only exhibit the trait in their ears, mane, and on their fetlocks.

Thank you, curly horses, for existing.

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