Epic Tale Follows Man As He Befriends An Affectionate Street Cat, And It’s Everything

There are so many stray animals out there who need homes.

Animal shelters and animal control do the best job they can of rounding up animals who spend their lives scavenging and wandering the streets. They take them to the veterinarian, nurse them back to health, and have volunteers give them love and attention while they wait for their perfect pet parent to come along. But despite these best efforts, some animals unfortunately are still resigned to wandering around without a home.

When one man went out walking one night, he never could have predicted how his life would change, all because a tiny kitten decided to follow him home.

Connor Manning was minding his own business when a street cat approached him looking for some love.

He took some pictures and posted them to Twitter, saying the kitty was “the most affectionate street cat.”

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After getting some pats on the head, the stray began following him all the way back to his house.

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The curious feline even wandered inside the house, poking its head in every nook and cranny.