Day 1: 'Hey, What's The Neighbor Doing To His Lawn?' Day 60: 'OMG!!'

Day 1: ‘Hey, What’s The Neighbor Doing To His Lawn?’ Day 60: ‘OMG!!’

During the summer, nothing is better than the smell of freshly cut grass. That is, unless, you have a giant vegetable garden growing in the place of your lawn. Instead of turf, this awesome homeowner, user locolukas on Reddit, opted for tomatoes. The results are absolutely epic.

What you see actually used to be a lawn.

But instead of mowing grass, one man decided to say “screw the lawn” and plant vegetables.

He filled his yard’s grid with compost that the city gave away.

Seeds began growing quickly and he had to keep up by planting support systems around them.

He even developed an irrigation system, which is much more difficult than it looks.

He lined his garden with cinder blocks, covered the ground with wood chips and filled the cinder blocks with compost as well.

Arugula came in first.

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