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Newsflash: You’ve Been Cutting Your Food All Wrong. Wise Up.

I know we all hate being wrong, but the sad fact is that most of us are big ol’ dummies when it comes to slicing up our food. Not many people get specific lessons as they grow up when it comes to cooking. Trust me, in this case, ignorance isn’t bliss. If you’ve always felt too timid to take an onion to the cutting board, live in fear no more. In fact, you’ll never have to sacrifice flavor in your dishes by leaving out hard-to-cut items. We’ve got the scoop on how to turn your kitchen hell into home cooked heaven. You’re welcome.

Tomatoes: Stabilize them between two plates and slice right through.

Kiwi: Turns into its own tiny little bowl!

Mango: No more juice running down your arms.

Watermelon: Keep your face clean without sacrificing any yummy melon.

Mandarin Oranges: Make them even EASIER to enjoy.

Pomegranates: Now just as fun as those chocolate orange things you get at Christmas.

Avocado: Just like kiwi, it turns into its own bowl.

Cake: Cut through the middle, no more dried out leftovers the next day.

Carrots: This might actually be magic.

Limes: More juice = more gin and tonics!

Onions: Gets the job done quicker and cuts back on tears.

Banana: Take a tip from our primate friends, pinch the bottom tip and peel.

Artichoke: Use lemon to keep it from discoloring.

Apple: Invest in power tools.

(via Distractify.) Okay, actually that last one is just for the more advanced peelers. Work your way up to that one. Share these tips with your friends using the link below.

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Here’s How To Eat Healthy Even While Traveling

With help from this Quora thread.

1. If you know you’re not going to use the mini-bar in your room, ask the hotel to empty it out.

20th Century Fox


Just call ahead and let them know. Then use it as a fridge for breakfast items and healthy snacks.

2. Alternatively, if your hotel room doesn’t have a fridge, make one.

Home Depot

Buy a Styrofoam cooler for a just a few bucks and fill it up with ice from the hotel’s ice machine. Then use it to store everything from Greek yogurt, to string cheese, to baby carrots and hummus.

3. Make hardboiled eggs using the in-room coffee machine.

Find instructions on how to make eggs and instant oatmeal using a coffeemaker here.

4. Empty out TSA-approved mini liquor bottles and fill them with healthy meal add-ons.


Like olive oil, salad dressing, or lemon juice. (Also: Skip the $14 airport salad and pack your own for the plane.)

5. Fill up your water bottle at the hotel’s fitness center.

Water coolers, standard in pretty much any hotel gym, will at least be cold, free, and filtered — aka better than the tap water in your room, or shelling out a few bucks for another plastic bottle at the gift shop.

6. Pick a hotel that’s near a grocery or convenience store.

Google Maps

This one may seem obvious, but if it’s an option, do it! You’re much more likely to make healthy choices if they’re within reach. (Or at least, within walking distance.)

7. If you plan to prepare your own food, map out your your meals ahead of time.


Plan ahead! Make one stop at the grocery store, and make it count. The less time you spend aimlessly wandering the produce section, the more time you can spend actually enjoying the rest of your trip.

8. Need a sharp knife to cook with? If there’s a restaurant attached to your hotel, you might be able to borrow one.


Just ask the front desk — they’re usually happy to accommodate for hotel guests. If that doesn’t work, you can find most kitchen utensils at local dollar stores.

9. If you’re bringing a checked bag, consider packing a small kitchen appliance.

Both Crock Pots and rice cookers come in smaller sizes. All you need for each is a wall outlet, and you can easily make things like brown rice or shredded chicken breasts with minimal effort. (Just remember to size any large recipes down accordingly.)

10. Download daily deal apps to save money on area eateries with healthy options.

Three to start with: LivingSocial, Groupon, and AmazonLocal.

11. If your hotel has them, stock up on freebies.


Plastic cutlery, salt and pepper packets, honey packets, napkins, fresh fruit from the continental breakfast — you never know when these might come in handy.

12. Come armed with a ton of healthy snacks.

Stuff you can easily stash in a ziplock bag — like granola bars, trail mix, or cereal. (Also, here are several great ideas for DIY healthy travel snacks that you don’t need to refrigerate.)

13. Find a microwave.

Columbia Pictures

If your room doesn’t have one, the lobby or continental breakfast area probably does. You can make a bunch of healthy options in a microwave — like frozen veggies (microwaving them with a bit of water = steaming them) or frozen pre-cooked shrimp. Just make sure you’re using a microwave-safe container. (A ceramic mug works in a pinch.)

14. Make lunch your biggest meal.

View this embed ›

Not only will you likely get more for your money on a restaurant’s lunch menu, but you’ll also have the rest of the day to walk it off and digest.

But most of all: Enjoy yourself!


Do your best to eat healthy and stay active on your trip — but whether you’re traveling for work or play — you can (and should!) still indulge on amazing local eats.

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These 29 Advertisements Are Almost Too Clever For Their Own Good.

Advertisers get a bad rap sometimes, but their job is not an easy one. When an ad flops, it flops hard. However when an advertiser nails it, the results are amazing. Those are the ads that leave you with no choice but buy/donate because it’s so darned clever.

These 29 ads are amazing examples of advertisers who hit a home run in the cleverness category. Seriously. Go hide your wallet now because you might want to make a bunch of crazy purchases by the end of this list.

Watch out for #11, it’s brilliant.

1.) That’s one thirsty window.

2.) Hmm makes sense.

3.) That’s some powerful toothpaste.

4.) I’ll take two please.

5.) I think it’s a little bit more than just the hat.

6.) What a powerful beard.

7.) That’s a good way to think about it.

8.) Time is running out.

9.) Depressing, but true.

10.) Save the planet.

11.) This is great!

12.) Super teeth.

13.) Oh man this would freak me out in real life.

14.) Itchy people.

15.) Faster than a speeding bullet.

16.) Ewww.

17.) Powerful enough for NYC.

18.) Lego in real life.

19.) As strong as a building.

20.) Counting down the days.

21.) This one is almost too realistic.

22.) A harsh, but necessary truth.

23.) I could totally do that.

24.) If only the bench was made of chocolate.

25.) Heavy metal fork.

26.) They have to update this for iOS 7.

27.) Really drive home the point. Pun completely intended.

28.) Product placement for sure.

29.) Brilliant is the only appropriate description.

Via: Full Punch

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Sam Smith’s Pro-Marriage Equality Video Will Make You Cry Tears Of Joy

Grab some tissues and watch “Lay Me Down.”

1. Sam Smith has released the music video for “Lay Me Down,” the latest single from his Grammy-nominated album In the Lonely Hour. In it, he marries another man before a jubilant crowd.

Capitol Records

All this occurs in a church, which, in light of Pope Francis’ recent approval of a referendum barring gay marriage in Slovakia, is great visual commentary on the rift between religion and the LGBT community and its possible repair.

2. The music video begins with a decidedly somber tone, belying the event to come.

Capitol Records

3. As Smith’s groom comes into view, the congregants celebrate unabashedly.

Capitol Records

4. The video was filmed at the parish church of St. Margaret, outside of London. “Obviously gay marriage isn’t legal in churches, and we’re doing a gay marriage today, in the church,” Smith told Rolling Stone.

“We’re the first ever to do it,” Smith said. “It’s obviously not a real marriage, but still.”

“Going to the church today, it’s like, ‘This is the first time we’ve let people with big noses in.’ That’s the equivalent to me. I’m walking in, I’m going, ‘Why? Why are a man and a man not allowed to get married in this room?’ Because it’s the most natural thing.”

5. In the Facebook post accompanying his music video, Smith spoke of his hopes for the LGBT community and their treatment in the world:

Dear All, Here is the Link to the LAY ME DOWN music video. This song holds a very dear place in my heart. With this video myself and Ryan Hope the director have decided to make a statement and showcase something we passionately believe in. This video shows my dreams that one day gay men and women and transgendered men and women all over the world, like all our straight families and friends, will be able to get married under any roof, in any city, in any town, in any village, in any country. I hope you enjoy it. I love you all x

6. Watch the music video in full below.

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