29 Office Products That Will Make Your Workday So, So Much Easier.

Working 9-to-5 can be a draining way to make a living. The best thing you can do is pour yourself a cup of tea, breathe, and let these amazing office products do all the heavy lifting. Otherwise, you’ll be drowning in fluorescent lights and paper-jams.

1. This mini-vacuum plugs right into your USB port.

2. Relive childhood with this Gak-like keyboard cleaner.

3. Or just get a keyboard you can stick in the sink.

4. …Or get rid of the actual keyboard altogether!

5. While you’re at it, get rid of your annoying metal staples too with this staple-less stapler.

6. Feel like Sandra Bullock in Practical Magic with a self-stirring coffee mug.

7. And make sure to keep it toasty with this warmer.

8. Take an afternoon nap anywhere with this pillow.

9. Or, go all in on your nap game.

10. Stay relaxed with this under-the-desk foot hammock.

11. …Or burn some calories while you crunch the numbers.

12. Perfect for the very committed exercise enthusiast at work.

13. Find inner balance all day with this chair.

14. Stash your sodas and energy drinks in your own mini-mini fridge.

15. No need for coasters with these.

16. Leave your assistant alone and get rid of stress the healthy way.

17. Manage all your cords with your favorite color.

18. Give your family a makeover with this wooly-bully frame.

19. Keep your hands nice and toasty, literally.

20. Clear the air with an adorable mini-humidifier.

21. Take a peek at who’s at the front door of your office before you buzz them up.

22. Hide this under your desk and give it a tap with your foot to hide any non-work related items on your computer when you see the boss coming by.

23. Stay cool with this air conditioned shirt.

24. Work healthier and avoid disappointing your mom with this posture-reminding app.

25. Take notes in a donut scented notebook. Yum.

26. Keep your eye on the prize with this Christmas countdown calendar.

27. Solve boredom and dim office issues at the same time.

28. Buy this desk. JUST DO IT.

29. And get all the good scuttlebutt by this “water” cooler.

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