22 Scientific Facts That Will Make Cooking Way Easier

My mom is a cake decorator, and one of the first things she taught me is that cooking and baking are all about science.

The ingredients and temperature combine to create chemical reactions that can only be explained through scientific means. Each unique recipe results in something all its own, and we can thank the scientific method for that. We don’t think about cooking food this way often enough, and we’re potentially missing out on some of the hidden wonders of the culinary world.

Here are some amazing science hacks to kick your cooking up to the next level!

1. For chewy cookies, melt butter first to release the water inside. For crispy cookies, use room-temperature butter instead.

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2. Cooking with pink Himalayan salt can help you lower your sodium intake. It’s less processed and has rich flavor.

3. Evaporation releases the chemicals in onions that make you cry. Try freezing or chilling the onion first to slow down the process.

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