This Is What You Want During A Doomsday Scenario. Just Wait Til You See The Inside… OMG.

When (technically, “if”) the zombie apocalypse occurs, a safe mode of transportation will be vital for getting your loved ones to safety. Luckily, Mercedes-Benz is already all over that problem you’ll face during the end of the world. Meet the Mercedes Hunter X6, a custom-built rugged off-roading vehicle that can handle almost anything the elements (or zombies) will dish out. Not only that, but you will look extremely cool while you protect the family and friends you’ll make during the apocalypse.

It’s a super-luxury defense vehicle.

Mercedes Benz

The X6 Hunter has a 6×6 drive train and can keep approximately 6 people safe.

Mercedes Benz

Not only can it handle just about anything, but it looks so great while it does it.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Basically, everything you could ever want is included in this mobile safehouse.

Mercedes Benz

It’s no tank, but it can certainly keep your family safe and dry.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Off-roading through the woods would be a cinch, too.

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

Mercedes Benz

The inside of the Hunter might be one of the classiest survival vehicles you’ll see.

Mercedes Benz

It’s actually fancier than most recreational vehicles.

Mercedes Benz

Inside there is a full security system with cameras.

Mercedes Benz

When you need protection, the Hunter offers it.

Mercedes Benz

But I really can’t stress enough just how nice this luxury off-roading vehicle is.

Mercedes Benz

It’s spacious and safe.

Mercedes Benz

It wouldn’t take a zombie apocalypse to convince me to live in here.

Mercedes Benz

You could argue that finding a safe spot and staying there is a better idea during the apocalypse, but hitting a moving target is hard. It’s even harder for the walking corpses that will be attacking during the zombie breakout. Obviously, spending your nest egg on a Mercedes-Benz Hunter now is a wonderful idea. It’s better than investing, because you’ll be investing in your future. (Feel free to use that line when your spouse is angrily asking why you just spent thousands of dollars on a zombie protection vehicle.) If you love your friends, share this article with them. They need to know about this awesome survival vehicle.

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Newsflash: You’ve Been Cutting Your Food All Wrong. Wise Up.

I know we all hate being wrong, but the sad fact is that most of us are big ol’ dummies when it comes to slicing up our food. Not many people get specific lessons as they grow up when it comes to cooking. Trust me, in this case, ignorance isn’t bliss. If you’ve always felt too timid to take an onion to the cutting board, live in fear no more. In fact, you’ll never have to sacrifice flavor in your dishes by leaving out hard-to-cut items. We’ve got the scoop on how to turn your kitchen hell into home cooked heaven. You’re welcome.

Tomatoes: Stabilize them between two plates and slice right through.

Kiwi: Turns into its own tiny little bowl!

Mango: No more juice running down your arms.

Watermelon: Keep your face clean without sacrificing any yummy melon.

Mandarin Oranges: Make them even EASIER to enjoy.

Pomegranates: Now just as fun as those chocolate orange things you get at Christmas.

Avocado: Just like kiwi, it turns into its own bowl.

Cake: Cut through the middle, no more dried out leftovers the next day.

Carrots: This might actually be magic.

Limes: More juice = more gin and tonics!

Onions: Gets the job done quicker and cuts back on tears.

Banana: Take a tip from our primate friends, pinch the bottom tip and peel.

Artichoke: Use lemon to keep it from discoloring.

Apple: Invest in power tools.

(via Distractify.) Okay, actually that last one is just for the more advanced peelers. Work your way up to that one. Share these tips with your friends using the link below.

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Here’s How To Eat Healthy Even While Traveling

With help from this Quora thread.

1. If you know you’re not going to use the mini-bar in your room, ask the hotel to empty it out.

20th Century Fox


Just call ahead and let them know. Then use it as a fridge for breakfast items and healthy snacks.

2. Alternatively, if your hotel room doesn’t have a fridge, make one.

Home Depot

Buy a Styrofoam cooler for a just a few bucks and fill it up with ice from the hotel’s ice machine. Then use it to store everything from Greek yogurt, to string cheese, to baby carrots and hummus.

3. Make hardboiled eggs using the in-room coffee machine.

Find instructions on how to make eggs and instant oatmeal using a coffeemaker here.

4. Empty out TSA-approved mini liquor bottles and fill them with healthy meal add-ons.


Like olive oil, salad dressing, or lemon juice. (Also: Skip the $14 airport salad and pack your own for the plane.)

5. Fill up your water bottle at the hotel’s fitness center.

Water coolers, standard in pretty much any hotel gym, will at least be cold, free, and filtered — aka better than the tap water in your room, or shelling out a few bucks for another plastic bottle at the gift shop.

6. Pick a hotel that’s near a grocery or convenience store.

Google Maps

This one may seem obvious, but if it’s an option, do it! You’re much more likely to make healthy choices if they’re within reach. (Or at least, within walking distance.)

7. If you plan to prepare your own food, map out your your meals ahead of time.


Plan ahead! Make one stop at the grocery store, and make it count. The less time you spend aimlessly wandering the produce section, the more time you can spend actually enjoying the rest of your trip.

8. Need a sharp knife to cook with? If there’s a restaurant attached to your hotel, you might be able to borrow one.


Just ask the front desk — they’re usually happy to accommodate for hotel guests. If that doesn’t work, you can find most kitchen utensils at local dollar stores.

9. If you’re bringing a checked bag, consider packing a small kitchen appliance.

Both Crock Pots and rice cookers come in smaller sizes. All you need for each is a wall outlet, and you can easily make things like brown rice or shredded chicken breasts with minimal effort. (Just remember to size any large recipes down accordingly.)

10. Download daily deal apps to save money on area eateries with healthy options.

Three to start with: LivingSocial, Groupon, and AmazonLocal.

11. If your hotel has them, stock up on freebies.


Plastic cutlery, salt and pepper packets, honey packets, napkins, fresh fruit from the continental breakfast — you never know when these might come in handy.

12. Come armed with a ton of healthy snacks.

Stuff you can easily stash in a ziplock bag — like granola bars, trail mix, or cereal. (Also, here are several great ideas for DIY healthy travel snacks that you don’t need to refrigerate.)

13. Find a microwave.

Columbia Pictures

If your room doesn’t have one, the lobby or continental breakfast area probably does. You can make a bunch of healthy options in a microwave — like frozen veggies (microwaving them with a bit of water = steaming them) or frozen pre-cooked shrimp. Just make sure you’re using a microwave-safe container. (A ceramic mug works in a pinch.)

14. Make lunch your biggest meal.

View this embed ›

Not only will you likely get more for your money on a restaurant’s lunch menu, but you’ll also have the rest of the day to walk it off and digest.

But most of all: Enjoy yourself!


Do your best to eat healthy and stay active on your trip — but whether you’re traveling for work or play — you can (and should!) still indulge on amazing local eats.

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These 29 Advertisements Are Almost Too Clever For Their Own Good.

Advertisers get a bad rap sometimes, but their job is not an easy one. When an ad flops, it flops hard. However when an advertiser nails it, the results are amazing. Those are the ads that leave you with no choice but buy/donate because it’s so darned clever.

These 29 ads are amazing examples of advertisers who hit a home run in the cleverness category. Seriously. Go hide your wallet now because you might want to make a bunch of crazy purchases by the end of this list.

Watch out for #11, it’s brilliant.

1.) That’s one thirsty window.

2.) Hmm makes sense.

3.) That’s some powerful toothpaste.

4.) I’ll take two please.

5.) I think it’s a little bit more than just the hat.

6.) What a powerful beard.

7.) That’s a good way to think about it.

8.) Time is running out.

9.) Depressing, but true.

10.) Save the planet.

11.) This is great!

12.) Super teeth.

13.) Oh man this would freak me out in real life.

14.) Itchy people.

15.) Faster than a speeding bullet.

16.) Ewww.

17.) Powerful enough for NYC.

18.) Lego in real life.

19.) As strong as a building.

20.) Counting down the days.

21.) This one is almost too realistic.

22.) A harsh, but necessary truth.

23.) I could totally do that.

24.) If only the bench was made of chocolate.

25.) Heavy metal fork.

26.) They have to update this for iOS 7.

27.) Really drive home the point. Pun completely intended.

28.) Product placement for sure.

29.) Brilliant is the only appropriate description.

Via: Full Punch

Now where did I put my wallet…? Share these awesome advertisements with your friends on Facebook by clicking below.

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This Couple Is Getting Spied On… But It’s Definitely Not For The Reason You Think.

Planning to surprise the girl of your dreams with a marriage proposal isn’t a laughing matter. Unless you make her scream so loud she startles the entire block, then it’s kind of funny. One man pulled out all of the stops to ask his girl to marry him and her reaction didn’t disappoint. In fact, we’re pretty sure dogs were howling because of her screech of happiness.

He told her that his university’s art department was having a photo scavenger hunt.

A few blocks were roped off for an event, so walking around taking pictures was easy.

She didn’t know that all of the clues were leading her to a HUGE surprise.

The very last clue they found had a hidden message that needed to be revealed by being scratched off or made wet.

It read, “Turn around.” When she did, she was shocked to see her boyfriend down on one knee.

Like, REALLY shocked!

Of course, she said yes.

She also didn’t realize that they were being spied on the entire time, either.

He made a fake scavenger hunt card for the occasion. The lucky girl couldn’t believe it because the card looked so good.

Back-handed compliment or not, they are now happily engaged.

He’ll get major points throughout most of the engagement for the surprise.

Even though he nearly gave her a happy heart attack.

Young love is worth sharing, as well as this amazing proposal. Source

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I Dare You To Get Through Any Of These 10 Places. Actually, Don’t Try… It Won’t End Well.

These 10 places listed below are some of the most well guarded and most secure locations in the world. From Area 51 to Fort Knox, these places are very tightly locked down to the public and guarded around the clock. In fact, rumor has it only Nicolas Cage can break into any of these places.

1) Area 51 – This top secret air force base in Nevada is guarded so well that no one can get in, and even flying over it is forbidden. It’s the home of anything pertaining to UFOs and alien conspiracies.

2) Federal Reserve Bank in New York – It is said that roughly 25% of the world’s gold is stored here. With that much money to protect, it is no wonder that it would be extremely well guarded. The vault itself is eighty feet below street level and fifty feet below sea level, and the perimeter of the building is guarded by well-trained marksmen.

3) Fort Knox – Fort Knox is home to the US Bullion Depository. It not only stores thousands of tons of gold, but it has also housed important historical documents as well, such as the Declaration of Independence and the Magna Carta during the 2nd World War. All of this is not only well guarded but also protected by a 22-ton blast door.

4) Tumen River – This river makes up part of the boundary between Russia and North Korea and also snakes down into Chinese territory. Within a mile, you can go from North Korea, through China and end up in Russia, which makes this a good place for those wishing to defect. As such, it is generally well guarded by North Korean soldiers.

5) Korean Demilitarized Zone – The Korean Demilitarized Zone is a strip of land dividing North and South Korea. It is one of the most heavily guarded borders in the world, stretching 160 miles in length and 2.5 miles in width. Because of the high defense surrounding the border, people rarely dare to cross it, and as such, it has become a nature preserve.

6) Haven Co – Haven Co was a data-protection company located in the North Sea off the coast of Britain. The only people ever allowed in were authorized personnel, investors, and members of Britain’s royal family. However, it allegedly shut down in 2008. Set into the middle of the North Sea, there was no way you were getting into this place. What data was stored here, and why did it suddenly go defunct without explanation?

7) The Greenbrier – Spread out across 6,500 acres, this exclusive resort lies deep within the forests of West Virginia. Underneath lies the real secret, however. Underneath lies a 25-ton nuclear blast door, with tunnels behind it which create a nuclear bunker that is filled with supplies for members of the U.S. Congress to weather out a nuclear attack.

8) Cheyenne Mountain – The Cheyenne Mountain complex was, at one point, the command center for the North American Aerospace Defense Command and U.S. Space Command missions. It is so well guarded that the tunnel is protected by solid granite and reinforced. NORAD has since moved its operations to another location. It is interesting to note that the Cheyenne Mountain Complex was also the home to the fictional Stargate Command on the popular TV show Stargate SG-1.

9) The Mormon Church’s Secret Vaults – These secret vaults contain genealogical and historical records. Not only are they heavily guarded, but also, rumor has it that the records are even protected by temperature control as well as motion and heat sensors. Photos can be a challenge to come by. This is a newspaper clipping with a photo during construction in 1962.

10) Bold Lane Car Park – You won’t have to worry much about car thieves when you leave your car parked here. This car park (or parking garage) in Derbyshire, England is one of the safest places in the world. You can’t get in unless you have a ticket indicating your exact parking spot. Then once your car is parked, it is protected by motion detectors and other alarms that will go off if someone messes with your car. If the alarm does go off, the whole place goes into lockdown mode.

I love how there’s banks, government locations, top secret military areas…and a car park. They sure take their car parks seriously in the UK. Source: imgur Share this list of heavily guarded places with your friends below.

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Here’s Why We All Have To Stop Eating Nutella Because Life Is Full Of Suffering

On today’s episode of “Why Does Everything Have To Hurt So Much?” we’re going to talk all about Nutella and why we can’t have nice things.

Although the marketing team behind Nutella has been peddling the chocolatey, hazelnut-packed spread as being part of a well-balanced breakfast, we all have to remember that these folks are, in fact, part of a marketing team.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); });

And that means they’ve been lying through their chocolate-covered teeth. As it turns out, there are a few ingredients in Nutella that contributed to a lawsuit against its maker, Ferrero. They’re far from healthy.

Let’s talk about that lawsuit.


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In 2012, Nutella’s parent company paid a total of $3 million to all participants in the claim after being found guilty of something called “healthwashing.”


This comes into play when marketing teams spin branding on the basis of health and make claims that sound like they’re rooted in scientific fact. In reality, this approach is typically taken when an unhealthy food could potentially be deemed “less unhealthy” than a competitor’s product.


Over the years, there have even been cases in which healthcare professionals and representatives have teamed up with corporations like Coca-Cola to produce “studies” that tilt findings in the given company’s favor.


googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI1_BTF’); });

Although the class-action case against Ferrero did not arrive on the coattails of such a study, it operated on a similar basis. Basically, the motion was filed because the brand’s TV ads hocked Nutella as being part of a nutritious breakfast even though it certainly isn’t.


But what is it about Nutella that’s so bad? Three things: vanillin, soy lecithin, and modified palm oil. I don’t really want to put any of those in my body.


Let’s start with vanillin because it sounds like the name of a terrible super-villain. The stuff is derived from petroleum, people. We need to go ahead and not ingest it.


And no, before you ask, it’s not vanilla. In the case of artificial vanilla flavoring, this chemical cocktail is used to fragrance the so-called “extract.” Vanillin is classified as an excitotoxin, and consumption of such toxins has been linked to neurological disorders, migraines, endocrine disorders, seizures, and more.

It also contains MSG, and if you eat Chinese takeout, you know that this stuff triggers the reward center in your brain that makes you want to stuff your face. That’s not good when what you’re eating contains an excitotoxin.

Soy lecithin is also bad news.


googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI2_BTF’); });

Researchers found that animals that consumed soy lecithin regularly (albeit in fairly high amounts) displayed hypoactivity, poor reflexes, and decreased response to pain medications. Again, this is after much higher exposure to the additive than most of us would get through eating Nutella, but it’s good to monitor intake since it is among the most popular food additives in the world. You’re probably getting hit with this stuff from all sides, folks.

And last but not least, we have modified palm oil.


By nature, vegetable oils are modified because their production typically requires the use of heavy chemical additives and extreme heat processing. In Nutella, modified palm oil ups the fat factor in a way that isn’t exactly healthy. In peanut butter, which is presumably Nutella’s arch nemesis here in the States, the fat content is pretty high but those fats are naturally occurring.

Basically, they are the “good fats” your doctor always yammers on about. That’s not the case for the oil in Nutella, which is highly processed.

When you spread Nutella on one piece of your morning toast, you might as well melt down a candy bar and spread that on the other. They’d essentially have the same health payoff because life is awful and everything hurts.


When it comes to crushing your overall contentment, consider me your go-to gal. Goodbye, Nutella. It was nice knowing you.

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